Epic Games Store’s Exciting Free Games June Line-up

Epic Games Store Free Games June
Epic Games Store Free Games June

The Epic Games Store presents its complimentary games for June 15th, the action-packed Guacamelee! and Guacamelee! 2, revealing that theHunter: Call of the Wild will take their place on June 22nd. These lively Guacamelee games will be up for grabs till June 22nd at 4 PM UK/10 am CT, before they make way for the new arrival.

One can’t help but admire the eclectic mix of games the Epic Games Store has rolled out this month. Before Guacamelee! Gamers had the opportunity to snag the thrilling heist-centred co-op shooter, Payday 2. Guacamelee titles are vibrant 2D Metroidvania brawlers infused with platforming magic, whereas theHunter: Call of the Wild offers a different rhythm as a hunting simulator. Each title might cater to a specific fan base, with theHunter arguably the most specialised of the lot. However, anyone with a taste for realistic hunting action can grab it from the EGS.

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Despite having a top critic average of 68 on OpenCritic, with just 28% of critics recommending it, theHunter: Call of the Wild has evolved considerably since its 2017 launch. The game’s many improvements include tweaks to animal scoring systems, rack design, weaponry upgrades, and the introduction of new hunting reserves across North America, Europe, Oceania, and beyond.

Epic Games Store June 15th-June 22nd Lineup:

Epic Games Store Free Games June Collection
Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship EditionJune 15th – June 22nd
Guacamelee! 2June 15th – June 22nd
theHunter: Call of the WildJune 22nd – June 29th
Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realm free contentJune 22nd – June 29th

Furthermore, between June 22nd and June 29th, Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms enthusiasts, via EGS, can snag the Wulgar Legends of Renown Pack gratis. This nifty package features champion unlocks, an exclusive skin and familiar, several chests for unlocked characters, and a pair of buff potions good for a week.

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One of the Epic Games Store’s advantages is its clear roadmap of free weekly offerings. Someone uninterested in Guacamelee, but intrigued by theHunter, knows to lay claim to it next week. If none of the games catch one’s fancy, the calendar highlight is June 22nd. It’s evident that not every free game can delight everyone, you can’t please all as they say. However the Epic Games Store’s varied June selection certainly ticks quite a few boxes.

Epic Games Store patrons can look forward to a multitude of games each and every month.

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