A Diablo-World of Warcraft Crossover: The Winds of Sanctuary Blow in Azeroth

2nd WOW Diablo 4 Crossover
2nd WOW Diablo 4 Crossover

The realm of Azeroth has found itself once again colliding with the dark, demonic world of Diablo 4, marking the start of the second crossover event between World of Warcraft and Blizzard’s legendary hack-n-slash franchise. This time around, players of WoW will find themselves showered with a cornucopia of experience and reputation boosts, providing a tantalising incentive to dive back into the game.

Diablo 4 Crossover Event Begins

Previously, our friendly neighbourhood Treasure Goblins scampered into the world of Warcraft, courtesy of Blizzard’s collaborative event ‘A Greedy Emissary’, bestowing upon players a plethora of Diablo 4-styled cosmetic goodies. Now, it seems the goblins have returned to their Sanctuary home, leaving behind a last bit of magic for the adventurers in Azeroth.

With a supernatural gust from Sanctuary sweeping across the land, characters in WoW will find themselves mysteriously empowered. Up until the 11th of July, all in-game characters will revel in the ‘Winds of Sanctuary’ buff, resulting in a whopping 50% experience gain increase, applicable up to level 70. Not to be outdone, reputation gains from all Dragonflight Renown factions have also seen a similar 50% boost, excluding the newly added Loamm Niffen from Embers of Neltharion.

Diablo 4 World of Warcraft Crossover The Winds of Sanctuary

Fans of the game may find the ‘Winds of Sanctuary’ buff eerily similar to previous events such as the ‘Winds of Wisdom’ and the currently active ‘Joyous Journeys’ buff in the Wrath of the Lich King Classic. While these buffs have always been a boon for players looking to level alternative characters, this event also provides a unique opportunity for those keen on maxing out their Renown with the Dragonflight factions.

Benefits for WoW Players: Level and Reputation Boosts

Indeed, the WoW player base have always had a certain affinity for experience buffs, but the ‘Winds of Sanctuary’ is proving to be one of the most generous ones yet. Despite the exclusion of the Loamm Niffen faction, the reputation boost will undeniably aid players in catching up with their alts’ Renown. With a good chunk of the player base having conquered Diablo 4’s campaign, this event might be just the thing to rekindle the adventurer’s spirit in Azeroth.

The event’s end date of July 11th could potentially be a signal for what’s in the pipeline for World of Warcraft. The much-anticipated Patch 10.1.5, ‘Fractures in Time’, is rumoured to be released sometime during the summer, and the end of this event could very well align with its launch. While the actual release date remains under wraps, this hint suggests the next WoW patch might be just around the corner.

World of Warcraft is currently available for PC. Gear up, venture forth, and let the Winds of Sanctuary guide your journey!

Source – Blizzard

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