Diablo 4 KFC Collaboration Now Live: Unlock In-Game Cosmetics

Diablo 4 KFC Promotion
Diablo 4 KFC Promotion

Kickstarting the Diablo 4 KFC Collaboration

An intriguing campaign between Diablo 4 and KFC has officially kicked off, offering players exclusive in-game cosmetic items. This unexpected partnership was not pre-emptively publicised by either Blizzard, the creators of Diablo 4, or KFC, yet it appears to be fully active across several KFC outlets.

Previous leaks hinted at the possibility of another KFC-Diablo 4 collaboration coinciding with the game’s release. While it didn’t receive official confirmation, internal communications did mention potential in-game cosmetics obtainable through KFC purchases. Furthermore, 3D models of various poultry-inspired weapons for Diablo 4 were unearthed, stirring up anticipatory buzz among gamers.

It turns out these leaks were true. The Diablo 4-KFC promotion is now fully operational across various American KFC restaurants. On May 29th, KFC unveiled a fresh page on their website revealing the joint campaign with Diablo 4. Several of their outlets have started to use special Diablo 4-branded cups and sandwich packaging. The webpage states that from May 30th, players can connect their Battle.net accounts to claim rewards, though online purchases made via the KFC app or website will still be eligible. With the most affordable sandwiches priced around $5, obtaining all five unique Diablo 4 weapons from KFC will cost players around $25.

Diablo 4 and KFC: A Unique Blend of Fast Food and Gaming

Interestingly, neither KFC nor Diablo 4 made a formal announcement about this collaboration on any other platform. Although Diablo 4 enthusiasts have confirmed the campaign is underway, acquiring codes from valid purchases has proven to be somewhat puzzling. Hopefully, both KFC and Diablo 4 will swiftly resolve any teething issues in this promotional venture, ensuring players can fully benefit from the crossover’s exclusive cosmetic offers.

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Gamers keen to further expand their in-game cosmetics can look forward to some Diablo 4 weapons and back pieces via Twitch drops. Following the game’s full release, gamers can unlock class-specific cosmetics by dedicating six hours weekly for a month to watching Diablo 4 streams on Twitch. Subscriptions gifted during this period even offer a chance to win a unique mount. Provided the code redemption process for this KFC promotion is streamlined, players will be able to seamlessly incorporate these exclusive cosmetics into Diablo 4’s comprehensive transmog system.

Diablo 4 is set to launch on June 6th, available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and Windows PC.

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