Borderlands Collection: Pandora’s Box Officially Announced

Borderlands Collection - Pandora's Box

Borderlands Collection: Pandora’s Box Assembles the Franchise in One Loot-Filled Box.

Borderlands Collection - Pandora's Box

Brace for intergalactic mayhem – 2K has officially unveiled the Borderlands Collection: Pandora’s Box, assembling the iconic looter shooter franchise into one expansive anthology. Launching September 1st, this veritable treasure trove bundles every core entry to date, minus one high-profile spin-off.

The bundle arrives during a resurgent era for Borderlands, with hype building for the 2024 feature film and intentions to unveil Borderlands 4 this year. While waiting for those imminent projects, Pandora’s Box lets both newcomers and veterans revisit (or discover) the frenetic FPS journey so far.

At launch, the set includes the Game of the Year editions for Borderlands 1 and 2, The Pre-Sequel, the narrative-focused Tales from the Borderlands and its recent sequel, and of course, the sprawling planet-hopping opus Borderlands 3.

All Borderlands Titles Included In The Collection

Even better, all DLC ever released further expands the already crammed cache, amounting to hundreds of hours of chaotic questing and loadout fine-tuning. The value proposition is overwhelming for just $60 at launch.

Those who already own pieces of the set get special discounts based on their existing libraries. Xbox players can snag the full package for only $30 if they own any single entry. PlayStation owners with Game of the Year, Handsome Collection or 3 get partial savings. And Steam calculates custom discounts dynamically.

Take advantage soon though – the collection will eventually rise to a staggering $150 price tag. Assembling this much content is a steal even at full price, but budget-conscious vault hunters should seize the deal at launch.

Borderlands Collection Reveal

The one absentee is Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, likely excluded as its fantasy theme diverges from mainline continuity. But narrative connections still encourage playing the eccentric spin-off at some point. We previously reported on this last month in July.

In that article which was a leak from The Film and Publication Board of South Africa, the content was called compilation instead the now confirmed collection.

While waiting impatiently for Borderlands 4 details, Pandora’s Box provides the perfect way to experience this defining looter shooter start to finish. The sheer volume alone exceeds many franchises’ entire libraries.

So ready your wackiest guns and sharpest broadswords – it’s time to experience the entirety of Borderlands so far in one epic package. An interstellar saga awaits within Pandora’s Box.

Source – Gamespot

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