Controversy Strikes Disney Dreamlight Valley Switch Cozy Edition

Disney Dreamlight Valley Nintendo Switch

Disney Dreamlight Valley’s Physical Edition Catches Flak Over Switch Download Code

Disney Dreamlight Valley Nintendo Switch

The upcoming physical release for Disney Dreamlight Valley has sparked consternation among some Switch owners due to its unorthodox format. Dubbed the Cozy Edition, the boxed version alarmed fans by revealing Switch copies will only include a download code rather than an actual game card.

Few would argue the Disney title enchanted players upon its Early Access launch, letting users customise avatars and befriend Disney icons in a vibrant kingdom. Its success paved the way for a full free-to-play launch down the road alongside premium in-game purchases.

Pre-Orders Open for Cozy Edition Releases

Capitalising on its warm reception, developers Gameloft announced the Cozy Edition physical release for all major platforms. Pre-orders opened immediately for the special edition.

However, fine print in the FAQ revealed Switch owners won’t receive a traditional physical cartridge like other consoles. Instead their Cozy Edition boxes will contain a download code to retrieve the full game from the eShop.

Understandably, this exclusion frustrated Switch adopters who prefer cartridges for collection purposes or resale value. Previous titles like Overwatch also irked fans by omitting cartridges from Switch versions.

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Beyond the game itself, the Cozy Edition bundles exclusive avatar cosmetics items, currency, and other niceties to incentivize purchases. But these perks didn’t resolve concerns about the Switch’s download code.

Critics lamented the omission on social media, although some remain willing to purchase regardless. And importantly, existing digital owners can still redeem the cosmetics through their downloads.

Hope for Actual Cartridges in Potential Future Printings

Disney Dreamlight Valley Cozy Edition

The controversy continues Gameloft’s rocky monetisation streak with Disney Dreamlight Valley. While charming at its core, the game’s extensive microtransactions and battle pass prompts generate skepticism. The DreamSnaps update was recently released rolling out new features, quests and rewards.

Hopefully once the Early Access tag is removed, Gameloft continues refining Dreamlight Valley into a fair free-to-play experience worthy of its noble Disney heritage. But the omittance of a Switch cartridge seems an unfortunate misstep regarding physical collectors.

For now, whether this unpopular decision deters sales remains to be seen. But Gameloft should strongly consider manufacturing actual Switch carts in future printings once supply chain woes ease. The Magic Kingdom deserves better than a hollow box on store shelves.

Source – Gameloft

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