Disney Dreamlight Valley Patch Notes For DreamSnaps Update

Disney Dreamlight Valley DreamSnaps Patch Update
Disney Dreamlight Valley DreamSnaps Patch Update

The forthcoming update to the delightful game, Disney Dreamlight Valley, while studded with some eagerly-awaited content, is surprisingly doing away with a popular feature, something that might ruffle a few feathers within the Nintendo Switch community.

The die-hard enthusiasts of Disney Dreamlight Valley have been on their toes, keenly awaiting the DreamSnaps Update that’s on the brink of launch, slated for July 19th. This much-hyped update not only teases a fresh batch of amicable quests but also brings the first-ever multiplayer feature in Disney Dreamlight Valley, the intriguing DreamSnaps photography challenge, open to the entire gaming community.

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Once this update is live, players will have the charming Vanellope as a new neighbour in their valleys. And as for her abode? She’s settled in a rather enchanting pink candy house, a perfect addition to the aesthetic that many players have meticulously crafted in their valleys.

Disney Dreamlight Valley DreamSnaps Update

However, the main attraction of this update leans more towards quality-of-life enhancements and, of course, the much-anticipated DreamSnaps feature. Those yearning for additional content might need a sprinkle of patience until the forthcoming major update in September.

New DreamSnaps Disney Dreamlight Valley Update (Patch Notes)

CategoryPatch Notes
New Content and Improvements– Introducing DreamSnaps: Participate in weekly photo challenges and earn prizes, including Moonstones, furniture, and clothing items.
* Please note: Touch of Magic Clothing and Furniture are not compatible with DreamSnaps.
– Vanellope arrives in the Valley: Enjoy sweet new Friendship Quests and earn new items.
– More efficient hovering: Energy drain when hovering has been reduced by ~80%.
– Video capture feature on the Nintendo Switch: This has been disabled to reduce crash rates.
* Please note: Video capture via capture card and screenshot capture on Switch are unaffected.
– General stability improved on the Nintendo Switch.
– Inventory of Scrooge McDuck’s Store has been rebalanced to reduce duplicate appearances.
Top Bug Fixes– Fixed loading screen hang issue for Xbox players.
– Fixed border display issue for certain bordered paths.
– Fixed mismatch of item visuals and names in Scrooge McDuck’s Store.
– Fixed inability to hang out with Fairy Godmother.
– Various quest issues fixed: “The Remembered”, “Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Oops”, “Hakuna Matata”, “Sprouting a Story”, “An Important Night at the Restaurant”.
– Fixed soft lock issue for Switch players when exiting Edit Mode.
– Fixed issue with Rapunzel’s Summer Sundrop Gown and Swan-Feather Pearl Necklace appearing in the Touch of Magic tool.
– Fixed design print transfer issue on PlayStation 4 t-shirts.
– Fixed inability to track Quests from the Menu.
– Fixed issue with changing Avatar’s pose in Photo Mode.
– Fixed wrong input displayed during the fishing minigame.
– Fixed rare game freeze on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.
– Various localization, visual, sound fixes, and additional bug fixes.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is still donning its ‘early access’ badge, which means it’s regularly treated to bug exterminations and performance upgrades, especially for the Nintendo Switch variant. In fact, several disgruntled Switch players were refunded their Disney Dreamlight Valley purchases as the game was deemed somewhat undercooked for its debut on that platform. In an attempt to rectify the lingering issues, the Disney Dreamlight Valley team is disabling the Switch’s inbuilt video capture feature whilst the game is running, a move made to minimise frequent system crash parties.

This modification will only influence the video capture function when players press and hold the Capture button on the Switch; fear not, as screenshot enthusiasts can still capture their game moments. The Disney Dreamlight Valley team has pledged to keep a close eye on the game’s Switch performance, with a focus on curating a smoother and more enjoyable user experience in the future.

With the debut of the Disney Dreamlight Valley DreamSnaps challenge knocking at the door, players can roll up their sleeves and prime their valleys for this exciting photography contest. It’s rumoured that the maiden challenge will revolve around the castle near the Plaza, giving gamers a heads-up to spruce up and adorn the surrounding areas. Such preparations could potentially boost their competition standings, subsequently leading to a hefty bag of free Moonstones once the challenge verdict is declared.

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Disney Dreamlight Valley currently is available in early access for a wide range of platforms including PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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