Disney Dreamlight Valley: Unwrap Exclusive Twitch Drops This Weekend

Disney Dreamlight Valley Twitch Drop
Disney Dreamlight Valley Twitch Drop 1
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Disney Dreamlight Valley enthusiasts looking to add a splash of colour to their virtual dwellings will be excited to hear about this weekend’s return of Twitch Drops, offering a smattering of exclusive add-ons for this Disney-inspired life simulation game.

Gameloft, the developers behind this widely admired early access title, have recently previewed a few of the fresh features set to be unveiled next month with the launch of Update 5 for Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Debuting on PC and consoles in Autumn 2022, Disney Dreamlight Valley is a life simulation game. Taking a leaf out of Nintendo’s Animal Crossing series. Despite its early access status, the title has already garnered a loyal following. Lured by the prospect of engaging with some of the most cherished characters from Disney’s illustrious past.

Besides fulfilling tasks for the assorted heroes and villains that populate the eponymous valley, players can customise their homes and surrounding landscapes with a variety of unique items. These items, encompassing furniture, clothing designs, and outfits, can be unlocked either through quest completion or by using the in-game currency, Star Coins.

RGB Themed Bundles: Gameloft’s New Surprise for Fans

A recent tweet from the official Disney Dreamlight Valley account announced that players will have the opportunity to unlock some exclusive item bundles this weekend by tuning into some of the game’s top streamers on Twitch.

The tweet, urging players to “R-G-Be ready for our next significant update,” displays two gaming-themed bundles that will be up for grabs as part of Disney Dreamlight Valley Twitch drops, commencing at 6 AM Eastern on 19th May/11 AM on the same day in UK time.

The first bundle of in-game goodies includes a gaming desk and a pair of headphones. While the second boasts a gaming backpack, keyboard, mouse, and monitor. All of these items are tastefully decorated with multicoloured RGB lighting, echoing the pun-filled tweet.

The complete details provided in the post indicate that those players keen on acquiring these limited-time items will need to register on a specific Twitch Drops tab on the official website and link it to their Twitch account.

Players will need to watch for a minimum of 60 minutes to secure each bundle, with a comprehensive list of participating streamers provided alongside the participation instructions. The first bundle will be available to Twitch viewers until 11:59 PM Eastern on 20th May/4:59 AM on May 21st in UK time, with drops for the second bundle beginning a minute later at midnight and running until 22nd May.

A More Colourful World: Customising Homes in Disney Dreamlight Valley

This latest wave of Twitch drops promises to offer Disney Dreamlight Valley aficionados even more vibrant and inventive ways to personalise their homes. While transforming an in-game house to resemble a real-world gaming room may not be as whimsical as the player who remodelled a house into a train carriage, these radiant RGB accessories will no doubt be a cherished addition to many players’ virtual homes.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is currently available on PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Windows PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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