Disney Dreamlight Valley: Update 5 Brings Fairy Godmother

Disney Dreamlight Valley New Character
Disney Dreamlight Valley New Character

Amid a flurry of anticipation following the recent release of suggestive teasers, it’s now confirmed: the Fairy Godmother from Cinderella will be weaving her magic into the lineup of characters in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Released in early access back in September 2022, Disney Dreamlight Valley may not yet have had its full launch, but its enchanting appeal is already proven, with a multitude of main storylines and preparatory content updates for its official release. 2023 has proven a bustling year for the game’s players, with the imminent release of the fifth update promising to add even more engaging features to delight fans.

Fairy Godmother Joins Disney Dreamlight Valley

Ever since the unveiling of the Disney Dreamlight Valley roadmap back in January, players have been buzzing with speculation about potential additions to the game. February’s Festival of Friendship and April’s Pride of the Valley updates served to fuel the excitement further; introducing beloved characters such as Olaf and Simba, alongside a host of new recipes for players to experiment within their in-game kitchens. Now, with Update 5 waiting in the wings, players are gearing up to accommodate the home of a new villager in their valley.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Fairy Godmother

A recent social media update from the Disney Dreamlight Valley Twitter account gave a tantalising glimpse of a handcrafted bench set to appear in the game following the new update. The image subtly hinted towards the introduction of the Fairy Godmother as a fresh character in Disney Dreamlight Valley, a prediction now confirmed in the latest tweet, announcing the Fairy Godmother as the valley’s latest inhabitant.

New Features Abound in Disney Dreamlight Valley’s Upcoming Update

The promotional image accompanying the tweet gives the game away: Update 5, or ‘The Remembering’ as it’s now known, is set to be the most significant story update the game has seen so far. Disney Dreamlight Valley offers players a plethora of daily activities, but beneath the surface, a rich and expansive story unfolds as they progress through the game.

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It seems players will want to clear their diaries come early June when ‘The Remembering’ releases. It promises an abundance of fresh content, inviting players to uncover the mystery of the darkness enshrouding the valley while also offering an exciting upgrade to the Touch of Magic tool for creating bespoke furniture designs. Players can expand their valley with more player homes, and showcase their designer threads with the new mannequin item.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is currently available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC, PS4, PS5 and Switch.

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