Disney Dreamlight Valley: Teases Cinderella Themes for Early Summer Update

Disney Dreamlight Valley Cinderella Tease
Disney Dreamlight Valley Cinderella Tease

In the forthcoming Disney Dreamlight Valley update, gamers are set to welcome a host of fresh faces. As it turns out, the developers have decided to lift the veil and share some insights about the new arrivals to the valley. Disney Dreamlight Valley enables players to revel in a whimsical valley inhabited by their beloved Disney and Pixar characters. As the game continues its early access phase, it regularly receives updates that introduce new characters, presenting players with opportunities to persuade them to relocate from their realms into the valley.

The initial 2023 roadmap for Disney Dreamlight Valley was released at the dawn of the year, offering a glimpse into future plans while leaving plenty of room for speculation. Update 5, the final item listed on the roadmap and yet to be released, has garnered significant anticipation. With fans keen to learn what Disney Dreamlight Valley has in store this coming June.

Cinderella Clues Via Twitter: The Fairy Godmother’s Wand

A recent post from the official Disney Dreamlight Valley Twitter account disclosed that an artisanal bench will make its debut in-game with the arrival of Update 5. This is great news for players who, rather than returning home or eating food, can now sit on benches to rejuvenate their energy. Interestingly, the tweet hinted at not leaving personal items behind after resting; the attached image showcased a wand resting on the bench, strikingly similar to the Fairy Godmother’s wand from Cinderella.

Further substantiating this theory is the picture accompanying the roadmap’s “Early Summer” update — a pumpkin carriage identical to Cinderella’s. The caption beneath the image hinted at a princess rushing into the valley, leading players to speculate that both Fairy Godmother and possibly Cinderella herself may soon join the character lineup. Some players believe that the caption may not necessarily relate to the image, stirring hopes for the arrival of Vanellope, the princess from Sugar Rush. This is not the first time the official Twitter account has posted teasers and it probably won’t be the last.

Awaiting the Furniture Designer Tool: Next Level Creativity

In just a few weeks, the update will roll out, revealing the many anticipated additions. A wealth of new features, along with main story content, are bound to be introduced, providing players with an array of new avenues for entertainment. Rewards and exclusive in-game items are also being dropped reguarly via Twitch drops, so make sure to be on the lookout for them. The promise of an upcoming furniture designer tool in Disney Dreamlight Valley is already generating excitement among gamers eager to elevate their creative endeavours.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is currently available in early access on PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Windows PC.

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