John Wick: An Action-packed Video Game in the Making

John Wick Game
John Wick Game

Lionsgate’s Bold Step into Gaming

In a recent reveal, a top brass at Lionsgate affirmed that a video game inspired by the high-octane John Wick series is in its early stages of creation. Debuting as Keanu Reeves’ triumphant return, the maiden film captivated audiences with its thrilling sequences, intense ambience, and intriguing neo-noir undertones. This solitary film sprouted a successful sequence of follow-ups, including the fourth instalment, which hit the big screen earlier this year, garnering critical acclaim and commercial victory alike. The saga shows no signs of slowing, with Lionsgate keen on broadening its horizons beyond mere cinematic ventures.

A collection of offshoot media, encompassing TV shows, films, and video games, is earmarked to expand the John Wick universe. The Continental TV series is set to clarify a myriad of queries about the franchise’s lore. While Ballerina, a spin-off movie featuring a retired ballet dancer-turned-assassin, weaves its narrative from threads left hanging in the third film. Parallelly, a video game anchored in the franchise’s universe is also being conceptualised.

John Wick

This nugget of news broke cover during Lionsgate’s Q4 2023 financial conference call. Where Joe Drake, the chairman of its Motion Picture Group, divulged that a fifth instalment in the John Wick film series is underway, along with a host of spin-offs. The gaming realm, specifically the AAA video game sphere, is one avenue the studio is exploring, in addition to an assortment of television spin-offs. As of now, specifics about this prospective game remain largely veiled, with Drake’s focus trained on the range of shows and films circling the franchise.

Anticipating the Game: What Could the John Wick Video Game Be Like?

On the horizon for the John Wick universe is Ballerina, set for release next year, in addition to three other works in progress. These include John Wick 5 and The Continental, with the spin-offs slated as precursors to the fifth film. Drake wrapped up his comments by hinting at a consistent rollout of John Wick-related content. While the nature of the third product remains a mystery, speculation points towards a video game. Fans, however, will have to play the waiting game.

John Wick is no stranger to the world of video games. As demonstrated by 2019’s John Wick Hex, a strategy game from the Bithell Games stable, which is a prequel to the films. Even though it’s classified as a strategy game, fans might favour a game that echoes the exhilarating action akin to SlopClap’s Sifu or taps into Wick’s hitman past reminiscent of IO Interactive’s Hitman series. Until a formal announcement regarding the John Wick game breaks, fans will have to keep their excitement on a leash.

John Wick game is currently under development.


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