Pokemon GO June Community Day: Axew Takes Centre Stage

Pokemon GO Community Day June 2023
Pokemon GO Community Day June 2023

Niantic is making June’s Pokemon GO Community Day a grand affair with Axew taking the spotlight, providing players an extra treat to look forward to. The advent of a new month unveils a plethora of features for the game’s community, with its habitual events marking the month’s calendar.

Highlights of Pokemon GO June Community Day

June isn’t just the start of another month; it also signifies the dawn of a fresh Pokemon GO season. As we step into Season 11, christened ‘Hidden Gems’, Niantic is unveiling a fresh round of the GO Battle League, complete with events and rewards centred around the game’s PvP component. The month also presents players with a new Research Day, offering the chance to gather Gimmighoul Coins and encounter Pokemon such as Sableye and Nosepass. There’s also the Water Festival: Beach Week event on the docket, which marks Sandyghast and Palossand’s grand entrance in Pokemon GO.

The much-anticipated Pokemon GO’s June Community Day is scheduled for June 10th, set to unfold from 2 PM to 5 PM local time. This month’s main event is centred around the elusive Dragon-type Pokemon, Axew, providing a golden opportunity for players to bag one of the game’s rarest non-legendary and non-mythical creatures. Any Fraxure evolved into Haroxus during the event or within five hours post-event will acquire the Charged Attack Breaking Swipe – making Haroxus a coveted Dragon-type Pokemon for its generation.

Additional Features and Bonuses for Pokemon GO’s Community Day

Community Day in June will come with its usual bonuses, including triple XP, double Stardust for catching Pokemon, and a 50% reduction in Stardust required for Trades. Players can access the Special Research story “Keeping Sharp” for a mere £1/$1 (or its equivalent in local currency). Furthermore, the day will feature 4-star raids from 5 PM to 10 PM local time with Fraxure, Axew’s evolution. Successfully completing a raid will summon additional Axew around the gym that hosted the raid for the subsequent 30 minutes, making it an ideal event for fans of this potent pure Dragon-type Pokemon evolutionary lineage.

The ‘Hidden Gems’ season presents a golden chance for Pokemon GO to bounce back after months of controversies. Despite the furore over the nerfing of remote passes, Niantic staunchly backs its decision, which has been a point of contention among players. While a Community Day dedicated to a rare Pokemon won’t erase the issues and disputes, it attempts to shift the community’s focus towards more uplifting aspects of the game.

Pokemon GO is available for download now on Android and iOS platforms.

Source – Pokemon Go Official Website

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