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Get Ready Trainers: Mythical Pokemon Finally Available in Pokemon GO

Pokemon Go Shaymin
Pokemon Go Shaymin
Image Credit Niantic

With April coming to a close, Pokemon GO continues to deliver exciting new content, including the announcement of a Special Research that will introduce Shaymin, a rare Mythical Pokemon, to the game. Niantic’s ongoing efforts to add new features to the popular mobile game ensure that players always have something to look forward to.

Swinub, the adorable Pokemon, will once again take the spotlight during Pokemon GO’s upcoming Community Day Classic event, as announced by Niantic. Moreover, the previous month of April featured the Community Day event, where players could capture Gen 2 Pokemon like Togetic. These events provide a great opportunity for Pokemon GO players to not only add new Pokemon to their teams but also level up their captured Pokemon and build stronger teams for battles such as PvP and Raids.

It Starts Today!

Starting April 20th, Pokemon GO will make available the new free Special Research Grass and Gratitude, which includes an encounter with the rare Mythical Pokemon Shaymin – making its global debut in Niantic’s game. Shaymin was first introduced in Pokemon GO during the final part of Pokemon GO Fest 2022. Fortunately, players who captured Shaymin during the event need not worry as the new Special Research will also be accessible to them, giving them another opportunity to encounter the sought-after Pokemon.

Shaymin, a Grass-type Pokemon that was introduced in Gen 4, is considered to be among the rarest Pokemon, leading it to be classified as a Mythical Pokemon. Other Pokemon in this category include popular Pokemon like Celebi, Mew, and Jirachi. Shaymin has two forms, Sky Forme and Land Forme. During Pokemon GO Fest 2022, players encountered Shaymin in its Sky Forme, which resembles a small reindeer with a canine appearance. In the upcoming free Special Research Grass and Gratitude, players will be able to encounter Shaymin in its Land Forme, which resembles a hedgehog.

After nearly a year of waiting and much speculation, the global debut of the Mythical Pokemon marks the end of a long-awaited arrival of Shaymin in Pokemon GO. This demonstrates that despite any difficulties that may arise between Niantic and the Pokemon GO community, the developers remain dedicated to delivering engaging content for players and that it’s a priority for the company.

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