Pokemon GO Fans Rejoice: Datamine Hints at Return of Popular Events

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A datamine of Pokemon GO has uncovered exciting news for trainers, as it suggests the return of beloved events and in-game rewards. The events in question include the highly popular Pokemon Contest, which allows trainers to showcase their prized Pokemon and three-Pokemon teams. The last time this event was held was in January 2022 as part of the Pokemon GO Tour: Johto Contest competition. The latest datamine suggests that an upcoming contest will focus on “comparing sizes” of competing Pokemon, adding a new twist to the competition. With the possible return of these events, trainers have even more reason to continue their adventures in the world of Pokemon GO.

Pokémon Go Contests
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Potential Upcoming Events

Introduced in the third generation of Pokemon games, Pokemon Contests have now found their way into Pokemon GO. These events made their debut in 2022 during the Johto Tour and typically take place in a specialised Contest Hall where trainers and their Pokemon participate in different categories such as Cool, Cute, and Tough to showcase their skills. During the Johto Tour, players were evaluated based on the creativity and themes of their avatar design, and the top winners progressed to the next round where they competed with their Pokemon teams.

PokeMiners, a dedicated community of Pokemon GO players who specialise in examining the game’s code with every new update, conducted the recent datamine that revealed potential upcoming events and rewards for trainers. They posted a tweet on Twitter that can be viewed below:

Via PokeMiners On Twitter

One of the noteworthy revelations from the datamine is that the size of a player’s Pokemon may impact their likelihood of winning a contest. It was also revealed that seasons could affect the Pokemon contests, and the game’s code referred to a timetable, indicating that the contests could become a permanent feature in Pokemon GO, very similar to the GO Battle League.

Stay alert, Pokemon GO players, as it appears that Pokemon Contests could make a comeback soon, possibly bringing with them exciting in-game rewards. The game is out now in iOS and Android.

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