Pokemon Go: Niantic Trials New PokeStop Features

Pokemon Go New PokeStop Features
Pokemon Go New PokeStop Features

Crikey mate! Niantic’s blowing the horn announcing a bucket-load of new features set to shake-up the way PokeStops operate in Pokemon GO. Already under trial in a corner of the globe, these features may soon storm the Pokemon GO world stage.

The hive of Pokemon GO devotees have been crying out for a fresh lick of paint on the app’s feature wall. Recently, a few sour lemons in the community have been fussing over what they see as Niantic’s standstill approach, leading to a bit of a player slump and a knock-on dent in Pokemon GO’s piggy bank. Now, it seems Niantic’s pulling up its socks, announcing new additions that could change the dance of PokeStop interactions within the mega-hit mobile game.

New Zealand Pioneers in Testing Pokemon Go Features

Niantic first dipped their toe in the water, testing these fresh PokeStop features during this year’s Summer Game Fest jamboree in Los Angeles. Now, a recent tweet from Niantic’s official birdie has let slip that these features are getting a further grilling in New Zealand. The new kid on the block is PokeStop Showcases, letting trainers flaunt their Pokemon that are boasting unique quirks like size and weight, all in return for a shiny prize. This feature, coupled with the freshly extended compatibility with Pokemon Home to include Scarlet & Violet, adds a whole new picnic basket of reasons for players to flock back to the game.

Pokemon Go: PokeStop Showcases Unveiled

The Kiwi Pokemon GO community has been chattering away about how this feature works. It seems Showcases will pop up at PokeStops now and then for a quick jiffy, asking for a specific Pokemon with a special attribute. In the current Kiwi beta test, the PokeStops are calling for the chunkiest Fomantis. Trainers in the vicinity can chuck their Fomantis into the ring, with the one having the bulkiest beastie bagging a reward at the end of the Showcase. This makes XXL and XXS Pokemon suddenly a hot commodity.

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Another feature possibly hopping into the mobile title soon is Route Creation. Still a bit hush-hush and not part of the current Kiwi test, it’s been a hotly anticipated feature by fans. Once live, it’ll be a handy gadget, nudging players to scout out intriguing footpaths for other trainers to trek in their local patches. These fresh features might just be the shot in the arm Pokemon GO needs amid the perceived development lull and drooping player interest.

Pokemon GO is ready to roll on your mobile devices right now, mate!

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