Disney Dreamlight Valley DreamSnaps and a Way to Earn Moonstones

Disney Dreamlight Valley Earn Moonstones
Disney Dreamlight Valley Earn Moonstones

Just around the corner is the new DreamSnap update for Disney Dreamlight Valley, which promises to put the ‘earn’ back in ‘Moonstones’, rather than forcing players to cough up the real-world dosh for them. As it stands, Disney Dreamlight Valley is a baby – in its early access phase – which means anyone with a hankering for a Disney-fied gaming experience prior to full release has to part ways with their money in exchange for a Founder’s Pack or a Game Pass subscription.

Disney Dreamlight Valley: Why DreamSnap Update is a Game Changer

Given the upfront financial commitment, it’s been eyebrows raised at dawn for the past few weeks, thanks to Gameloft’s decision to introduce pre-release monetisation to the already promising Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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Those players who’ve invested in the game’s early access have been voicing concerns that it feels a bit rich (pun intended) to be dealing with microtransactions when the game isn’t even a fully-fledged duckling yet. There’s a growing consensus that the game’s developers should be beavering away at improvements to gameplay and swatting pesky bugs, rather than prioritising the crafting of shiny new cosmetics designed to boost Moonstone sales.

The True Cost of Moonstones: Gameloft’s Response

Moonstones, the currency of Disney Dreamlight Valley, are a bit on the pricey side, and yet essential for players who have their eyes on any Premium Shop goodies or the purchase of the Star Path. Sure, there are free Moonstones available in the game daily, but it would take the patience of a saint to amass enough to bag some of the more desirable items. Clever players should regularly look out for Twitch drops that can give out some very impressive rewards when they’re available.

However, it looks like Gameloft might just be the fairy godmother players have been wishing for, with a pending update named DreamSnaps set to offer up to 300 Moonstones per week through participation in photography competitions. Winning or casting a vote on other players’ snaps could bump up that total even more.

Not only will this initiative foster a sense of community within Disney Dreamlight Valley, it also rewards the involvement and contributions of active players. The DreamSnaps feature is all set to be incorporated into the next significant update, with plans to refine and enhance it with future patches. According to Disney Dreamlight Valley’s roadmap, the Vanellope Summer Update will make its appearance before Belle’s September offering, so DreamSnaps could be snapping its way into your gaming routine as early as July or August.

Eager for more info? Fear not, for more details about the Disney Dreamlight Valley DreamSnaps summer update are imminent. The official DreamSnaps Twitter feed promises a blog post soon, which will reveal the release date and give us the lowdown on the specifics.

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Currently, Disney Dreamlight Valley is available in early access on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows PC, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. So grab your controllers and let’s explore this Disney-fied universe together!

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