Disney’s Planes Wii U Review

Disney's Planes Wii U Review

The Disney’s planes Wii U title is a game, which takes it’s player to a high-flying, full of fun, action packed mission with Dusty included in the video game. It’s completely inspired by Disney animations and comedy films. In the game, Dusty is a crop duster with a big heart and speed loving; who takes to the skies in the storyline that’s just at the end of the film. Players may fly as different characters that appear in the real movie too.

Disney's Planes Wii U Review
Disney’s Planes Wii U Review

The Wii U edition is just what you would expect in any movie-tie-in game. Disney is a direct to video tie-in product made to offer direct-to-video sequels and films spin-offs of television shows. This version was carefully designed as evidenced by a film including flashback footage for a character that is based on World War 2 combat.

It was produced in the form of a mishmash of a story, which expands characters that have incongruous missions, which are composed of half-baked racing levels, and proceed with the film’s theme, exploration mode for a given area, and also a mode for balloon popping. The game is most entertaining, especially to those who’ve acquainted with the movie itself.

Both the Wii-mote and the Wii U game pad are controlled effortlessly by the plane. The controls are simple to operate and interesting at the same time, and very easy to maneuver. The drop-in local also offers the best feeling a kid can ever dream of.

Disney's Planes Wii U
Disney’s Planes Wii U

More fun is had when both players are able to control the Wii-mote. The gamepad view of the player moves to the gamepad screen giving both players a good view as they engage in the game. One unique thing about this game is that a player can choose to assist the other gamer.

There’s also has a story mode which enables a player to control one of eight planes which are under training by Rusty coach together with heroes and war veteran Skipper. The skipper’s role is to allocate roles to the players such as ferrying cows from one place to another and tornado blasting. As the player successfully completes these tasks, they’re then able to gain experience on the controls and mechanics of the game.

The races also offer a unique experience with the drop-in multiplayer keeping the things more challenging than the single player mode. The single player game’s are usually preferable for picking up characters to listen to sound bites from favourites such as (El Chupacabra) who’s the Mexican that wears a mask and is a racer who in most part of the film tries to catch a French plane Rochelle’s eye.

Visual wise, the Disney’s planes don’t have complete ability of the Wii U and resembles the upgraded version. However, it does offer a nice kind of animation at the same time. The game has been found to be more appealing to small children who happen to be it’s hugest audience. Another good side of it is that the multiplayer controls give parents an opportunity to play with their children and help them attain their targets. Apart from this, young children would definitely enjoy playing this title.

In our Wii U review, we give Disney’s Planes a 6/10

6 out of 10-Review

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