Devolver Digital Steam Sale Brings Big Savings on Top Indie Games

Devolver Publisher Steam Sale
Devolver Publisher Steam-sale
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Devolver Digital is offering PC gamers the chance to save on some of the biggest indie game hits with their new Steam sale. Devolver Digital, a prominent publisher in the PC gaming industry, has released some of the most successful indie titles to date.

DD, a major independent game publisher, has earned a reputation for publishing some of the most popular games, including Hotline Miami, the OlliOlli series, the modern Shadow Warrior games, and Enter the Gungeon. One of its most successful recent releases is Cult of the Lamb, a game that offers a unique take on the roguelike genre and was well-received upon its late 2022 release. PlayStation gamers also had the opportunity to try the game for themselves when Cult of the Lamb offered a free trial for PS Plus Premium members.

A Cracking 90% Off

PC gamers in the UK have the opportunity to browse the catalogue of this publisher by clicking here. This is thanks to the Devolver Digital Publisher Weekend sale on Steam. Surprisingly this sale offers price reductions of up to 90% on multiple titles, including a 35% discount on Cult of the Lamb. That’s an absolutely massive saving and will be very well-received by the gaming community.

The timing of the sale is ideal, as the Relics of the Old Faith update for Cult of the Lamb was recently released, featuring a new campaign questline that continues the story of the base game. Other major deals available include Terra Nil for £14.99, Return to Monkey Island for £13.74, Inscryption for £9.29, and Loop Hero for just under £4.

In addition to these offers, Devolver Digital’s extensive collection of older titles, listed as “Devolver Classics,” are available for even lower prices. These include My Friend Pedro for £3.99, Hotline Miami for £1.74, Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number for £2.99, Shadow Warrior for £2.99, Ruiner for £3.24, and Gris for just over £4. Many of these titles are confirmed for Steam Deck, which is appropriate as many of the most popular Steam Deck games are indie games such as Hades, Vampire Survivors, and Cult of the Lamb.

The publisher based in Austin has a reputation as a major player in indie game publishing is in part due to the company’s unique online presence and its viral gaming showcases during events like E3. Although the company already announced that it would not attend E3 2023, it will still premiere a new Devolver Direct during the upcoming Summer Game Fest. With the ongoing sale, PC gamers have a great opportunity to experience some of the titles that have contributed to Devolver’s well-deserved reputation.

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