Gotham Knights Receives Big April Update with New Content

Gotham Knights April Update
Gotham Knights April Update
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Developers have dropped a new update for Gotham Knights today, which adds new content to the game while also addressing bugs and issues. Fans of the game will be delighted to know that the developers are working hard to improve the game, which was not without its flaws at launch, and this latest update is a step towards that goal. Set in the Batman Arkham Universe, Gotham Knights continues to receive updates and enhancements to provide an even better gameplay experience for players.

Since its 2022 release, Gotham Knights has been criticised for its poor performance and missing features on consoles. However, the game’s developers have been working tirelessly to improve the overall experience, with noticeable improvements being made. A recent update to the game fixed many issues on PC and console versions, and now fans can look forward to even more improvements with the April 27th update, which not only addresses existing issues but also adds new content to the game.

The official Gotham Knights Twitter account recently announced this in a tweet and consequential replies which showcased all of the patch notes. This in-turn brings numerous changes, bug fixes, and additions to the game. As per the update’s patch notes, players can now access a new Heroic Assault called The Kelvin Incident, which can be played in the new game plus mode or once you’ve cleared all the side villain missions and unlocked the raid area. In addition, the update introduces a new gear tier, raid drop materials, stronger enemies, and new transmogs.

PC’s Stability & Performance Addressed

The developers have made a significant effort to improve the game’s performance and stability on PC by addressing various issues and bugs. The patch notes for the latest update indicate that players using Steam Deck can expect a better experience, with fixes for draw and shadow distance that previously caused problems at high FOV. Streaming textures for certain objects in Heroic Assault levels have also been fixed. In addition, the game’s performance has been optimised with fixes for rare refresh rate issues, crashes related to cross-play in multiplayer mode, and keyboard-related crashes when using camera roll in Photo mode. The update also includes various performance improvements for both CPU and GPU.

WB Games Montréal have made significant accessibility improvements in the new Gotham Knights update. Players can now remap their controllers and customise controls according to their preferences. This feature is available not only for consoles but also for PC players who can remap controls for keyboards, controls, and even mice. Additionally, the Text-to-Speech feature has been enhanced to offer a better experience to users who utilise this feature. Console players can also take advantage of this improvement, as it’s not limited to PC players only.

With the inclusion of new content and various bug fixes, the Gotham Knights’ April 27 update is poised to enhance the game’s overall gameplay experience. Fans who may have stopped playing the game might be enticed to give it another shot after downloading this update.

The Full April Patch Notes For Gotham Knights

PC Updates (General)

  • Improved support for the Steam Deck keyboard and mouse
  • Dynamic cloud saves are now available
  • The issues related to draw distance and shadow casting when using higher FOV values have been resolved.
  • Improved texture streaming for objects in the Heroic Assault levels
  • The XeSS has been upgraded to version 1.1 for better graphics quality
  • Fixed Red Hood’s Mystical Leap behaviour at higher FPS
  • Fixed rare refresh rate problems
  • Fixed issue where users were kicked in STEAM-EPIC cross-play matches

PC & Consoles New Features

  • Unlock the new Heroic Assault: The Kelvin Incident, a 15-floor raid, by completing all the side villain missions or in new game plus mode.
  • Discover Mythic gear, a new tier of stronger equipment, that can only be found in this raid.
  • Gain new raid drop materials as you fight against the newly added stronger enemies.
  • Unlock new suit transmog and four new batcycle transmogs for a fresh look in Gotham Knights.

The Stability & Optimisation Changes

  • A crash that occurred when the PS5 controller was set as a default audio device has been fixed.
  • A crash that occurred while using keyboard input for camera roll in Photo Mode has been fixed.
  • The game’s performance for both GPU and CPU has been optimised with several smaller fixes.
  • The Text Chat behaviour has been fixed when using PageUp/PageDown keys.
  • The Text To Speech feature in PC-specific menus has been improved with several fixes.
  • Activity notifications conflicts with other on-screen actions have been fixed.
  • After receiving feedback from players, the developers have now implemented a fix for the issue where Photo Mode would not display properly when starting a cinematic in co-op mode.
  • Updated analogue sticks icons for Direct Input or Nintendo Switch controllers on PC.

Fixes To Accessibility Features

  • Players can now remap their controller buttons to customise their gameplay experience. This feature supports mouse, keyboard, and gamepad for PC players.
  • The controller remapping feature also allows players to change the buttons that need to be held down into a toggle instead.
  • Improvements have been made to the Text-to-Speech feature, which now supports the built-in screen reader on the player’s device for all text and certain menus.
  • The screen reader support has been enhanced in areas where it was previously available.
  • Note that the Text-to-Speech feature is only available in English.

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