Gotham Knights Nintendo Switch Port Hints at Second Chance

Gotham Knights Robin
Gotham Knights Robin

Brace yourselves Nintendo fans – Gotham’s guardians may soon be swinging onto Switch. A new rating hints Batman’s former sidekicks are gearing up for heroic portable crime fighting. But can the embattled brawler find redemption on Nintendo’s hardware?

Gotham Knights launched last October across PlayStation, Xbox and PC. Now a newly surfaced ESRB listing adds Nintendo’s hybrid handheld as a potential platform.

Game Drew Criticism for 30FPS Cap on PS5 and Xbox Series X

This follows past controversies surrounding the game’s performance. On consoles, Gotham Knights infamously locked gameplay to 30 frames per second. Many gamers expected smoother 60FPS given contemporary standards.

Restrictive UI design and repetitive missions also drew criticism at launch. Currently, its Metacritic user score sits at a meagre 4.9 out of 10 based on widespread grievances. A massive update back in April of this year gave the title hope but it still unfortunately fell short.

Despite shaky reception, it seems the DC video game may get a second chance on Switch. Of course, questions remain over whether Nintendo’s tablet can handle the struggling brawler.

Gotham Knights Cinematic Screen

Batman’s absence places the spotlight firmly on sidekicks Robin, Batgirl, Nightwing and Red Hood. All four feature new ability sets and talent trees to customise combat flow.

But even current-gen consoles struggled running Gotham’s open world and effects-laden skirmishes smoothly. Will the Switch’s modest portable power cope?

If the port happens, visual downgrades seem inevitable to sustain performance. Yet some technically demanding third-party games shone brightly on Switch regardless.

Baldur’s Gate 3 impressed critics despite cutbacks and a very small budget. With fine-tuning, Gotham Knights could potentially follow suit.

Official Reveal Potentially Coming at Next Nintendo Direct

An official announcement may arrive soon if the ratings leak holds true. Nintendo are rumoured to host a Direct stream this month to parade upcoming 2023/24 releases. Recently the Batman Arkham Trilogy was announced to be hitting the Switch this fall. This may hint that the Japanese giants are not quite ready to wash their hands with the DC universe just yet.

Gotham’s guardians swinging onto Switch would match that launch window. Perhaps a performance patch for existing platforms will accompany the leap to new hardware.

In any case, Gotham clearly needs all the heroes it can get. While risks remain, Batman’s protégés arriving on Switch offers hope of redemption. Portable crime fighting awaits if the Dark Knight’s disciples can pull off this unlikely handheld rescue.

Gotham Knights is available now on Windows PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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