PS Plus Makes Claiming Free Games More User-Friendly

PlayStation Plus
PlayStation Plus
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Acquiring PlayStation Plus free games is now less frustrating thanks to Sony’s recent change. Subscribers will no longer receive a purchase confirmation email for each game claimed. This was annoying a lot of users and the change will no-doubt be a welcomed one for their customers.

Given that PlayStation Plus subscribers do not actually make a purchase for the free titles, the previous practice of sending an email that reads “Thank you for your purchase” has caused confusion and concern among users. Sony has now put an end to this practice after some time.

PlayStation Plus is a subscription-based service that provides exclusive benefits to console gamers. Non-subscribers cannot access premium game multiplayer features.

PS Plus Essential offers a choice of free selections for download each month to its subscriber base. However, subscribers need to purchase these games via the PlayStation Store, despite being listed with a price of £0/$0.

An Error Or Common-Sense?

There really was no need to send out emails after players basically got a game for nothing but the service saw it as the user actually bought something so the email was sent. This is a fantastic common-sense move from Sony and hopefully it paves the way for move gaming giants to follow-suit.

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Sony has remained silent about the change, but subscribers have observed that PlayStation Plus purchase emails are no longer being sent. This has been noticed since April’s free games, which do not result in an email after being acquired from the PlayStation Store. It’s the first time subs have experienced this change.

The disappearance of purchase confirmation emails for the complimentary titles could be a temporary bug or a technical issue related to the PlayStation Store. While subscribers hope that Sony has permanently changed its policies, it remains to be seen whether the emails will return in the future.

The only downside to this if it’s a bug or error, is players will not be actually getting a receipt when they purchase a game for real cash which goes without saying is a big problem.

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