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Pokémon GO’s Power Play: Niantic Unleashes Master Balls

Master Balls Added Pokemon Go
Master Balls Added Pokemon Go 1
(Image Credit Pokemon Go)

Securing those elusive legendary Pokémon is about to become significantly more achievable as Niantic has revealed that Master Balls, the premier Pokémon-catching tool, will be introduced to Pokémon GO players starting from the upcoming week. The announcement was made following earlier speculations that we reported today that Master Balls were en route to the popular mobile game.

Master Balls: A Game-Changing Addition to Pokémon GO

Having initially been launched for mobile platforms in 2016, it’s somewhat surprising that it has taken a near seven-year period for the developers to integrate this elite-grade Pokémon trapping device into the game. Master Balls boast an unbeatable 100% capture rate, which means that regardless of the Pokémon’s power level, if a trainer deploys a Master Ball, the Pokémon will be caught without fail. In the esteemed Pokémon series developed by Game Freak for Nintendo systems, Master Balls are a rare commodity, generally, only one is given to Pokémon trainers throughout an entire game. Niantic aims to preserve this rarity in Pokémon GO as well.

The climax of Pokémon GO’s Season 10: Rising Heroes event commences on the 22nd of May. If players successfully complete all Seasonal Special Research tasks and manage to defeat Giovanni and Team Rocket prior to the event’s closure on June 1st, they will receive a coveted Master Ball as a reward. Niantic emphasises that “being granted a Master Ball, a rare and potent tool, is a significant event,” and urges players to carefully consider when best to utilise it. However, they did confirm that there will be further opportunities to obtain more Master Balls in forthcoming updates.

Niantic’s Consistent Updates and Pokémon GO Fest

It appears that Niantic is in high gear with the mobile game. Alongside the introduction of Master Balls, the development team consistently unveils new Special Research events to partake in and fresh Pokémon species to capture. Fans can also eagerly anticipate the Pokémon GO Fest, scheduled for August 4-6 in London, England, and Osaka, Japan. Subsequently, the event will relocate to New York City, with festivities kicking off on August 18th and continuing until the 20th.

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Recently, Niantic has launched a brand-new mobile game called Peridot. This AR-based title offers a “magical experience” in which players nurture a basic dot in a similar fashion to Tamagotchi. Players can interact, feed, and even train their dots to perform tricks. Each dot possesses unique DNA and can be paired for breeding with other distinct dots, leading to an almost infinite variety of potential creatures.

Pokémon GO is currently available for download on Android and iOS mobile devices.

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