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Battlefield 4 Will Force Activision to Market COD Ghosts

COD Ghosts V Battlefield 4

Call of Duty: Ghosts publishers (Activision) are set to pull out all the stops in a bid to fight off the competition from Electronic Arts shooter Battlefield 4. This is all According to a special report by BF4central published on May 12th.

Apparently, Activision will produce a huge advertising and marketing campaign to beat their games nearest rivals. They believe that B4 could pose a significant threat in terms of sales. The report even states that it’ll be the biggest budget for a marketing campaign in the brands long history.

The website also claim that their source is an Activision Investor Relations speaker. We’ll have to wait and see if the report stands true, the developers will surely comment on this story at some point in the near future.

Call of Duty Ghosts and Battlefield 4 are slated for release this fall on the Xbox 360/720, PlayStation 3/4 and the Windows PC.

COD Ghosts V Battlefield 4
COD Ghosts V Battlefield 4

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