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Battlefield 4 What We Know So Far!

Battlefield 4 Info

With the huge success of Battlefield 3, it was a sure shot that EA would have Battlefield 4 ready to rival the next Call of Duty. So with no real surprise Battlefield 4 was officially announced after a little teasing of the impending title. So the big question with every sequel is how does it differ from the last?

Well we’re glad to announce that Battlefield 4 is not a rehashed Battlefield 3 but instead it’s a whole new look at the Battlefield universe.

Therefore, here is what we know so far from the preview of the game and the information DICE (Battlefield developers) have let out so far. B4 will release this fall (most probably in October) and will be powered by the Frostbite 3 engine to create the most advanced Battlefield yet (the Frostbite 2 engine powered the previous installment).

The Battlefield 4 gameplay trailer revealed some things about the campaign primarily that it will consist of you playing as “Recker” a member of the Tombstone squad. Your squad leader is SSgt Dunn with second-in-command “Pac” and “Irish”.

The mission used for the gameplay reveal trailer was “Fishing in Baku” which consists of Tombstone squads effort to get out of Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan with new vital intelligence. The trailer also showed hints of there being at least one mission in China.

One of the biggest changes in the single player campaign is the inclusion of a friend activity center. which will inform you of your friends progress through the game as well as their achievements or any score they might be about to or have beat you in.

The reveal gameplay trailer also showed an increased level of squad control with much more advanced commands (think updated Brothers in Arms squad commands). It’s also been explained in an interview that Battlefield 4 will not have motion controls of any kind.

Multiplayer is the heart of all Battlefield series and with Battlefield 4 there’s not much information out there on the updates. What we do know is that there will be an all-new game mode called “All Out War!

Vehicle Combat” as well as 3 Playable Factions which will be Russia, China and the U.S. there is some great news for veteran Battlefield 2142 fans the much loved “Commander mode” will be making a return in the latest installment.

DICE has commented on how the multiplayer will be more open to improvisation and will encourage your own solutions. There will be a Battlefield 4 Beta for all who pre-order or by pre-ordering Medal of Honor: Warfighter Limited Edition. The games Beta will also be available to Battlefield Premium users.

As of now, DICE has confirmed that Battlefield 4 will be released on the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360, unfortunately it will not be out on the Nintendo Wii U. There’s been no news about next gen console versions either although that may be due to both Sony and Microsoft being tight lipped about the next gen hardware. All the game-play footage seen in the reveal trailer were on a PC using an Xbox 360 controller.

Battlefield 4 Info
Battlefield 4 Info

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