Battlefield 4 Carrier Strike Game Mode Arriving In Late March

The Battlefield 4 developers DICE have given out some information on their upcoming Carrier Assualt mode that rifts on the BF 2142′s Titan mode. The new mode is set on location of the South Chinese Sea, and the main aim is for two different sets of teams to destroy each others naval carrier.

Gunships, waverunners and huge explosions can all be expected when users must use two of the sea-faring vessels to travel by sea. Gustav Halling who’s the lead gameplay designer wrote in a Battlelog post:

There are two ways of destroying the enemy carrier: either by full map control or assaulting the carrier as infantry. Each round is divided into 2 stages, starting with map control and ending with carrier attack.

Both teams start on their own carrier and race to control the missile launchers placed on the map, by capturing the control points near them. This will automatically launch missiles towards the enemy carrier throughout the round, eventually destroying its hull and making it open for infantry attacks.

When this happens for one or both teams, the carrier assault state is started. The team can then either drive a boat out to the carrier and climb aboard, or use the parachute spawn points above it. Once inside, the team must destroy two M-COM stations, which will open up new areas to the carrier, with the engine room being the final one.

We’ve also chucked in some really cool naval striker screenshots for good measure too, check them out below.

Battlefield 4 Naval Strike Hovercraft

Battlefield 4 Naval Strike Hovercraft

Battlefield 4 Naval Strike Carrier Assault Mode

Battlefield 4 Naval Strike Carrier Assault Mode

This is a really exciting way of killing time, and having to go back and forth in the middle of the ocean in large ships sounds like great fun. It’s part of the Naval Strike DLC update and it’ll be heading your way at some point at the end of this current month. Will you be playing it with your friends?

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