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Batman: Arkham Knight Announced, Debut Trailer Released

Harley Quinn dlc pre order bonus

A Game listing literally leaked the newly announced Batman: Arkham Knight video game earlier on today just before it was officially revealed by developers Rocksteady. The listing has since been taken down by the major Retailer, so there’s not much point in us putting a link towards it for you to check it out yourselves as it no-longer exists.

Harley Quinn dlc pre order bonus
Harley Quinn dlc pre order bonus

The listing did however reveal that the title will be released for the Sony PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Microsoft Xbox One. Basically all the next-gen consoles with the current-gen likely not getting a look in.

The iconic Batmobile is going to be available to drive for the first time ever in the series, something that the majority of hardcore Batman fans will be pleased to hear. The game is expected to be the final installment in the long-running series, but that’s yet to be confirmed by the developers.

It’s set exactly one year on from the very popular Arkham City title, so not too much will be different, other than better graphics and really explosive story-lines. There will be a new area of Gotham City that’s not yet been explored in previous installments, and the map is reportedly twice the size of any of it’s predecessors.

The streets and pathways have been revamped to make way for the Batmobile, and the list of confirmed villains include Harley Quinn, Penguin, Scarecrow and Two-Face. More of the Dark Knights enemy’s are expected to be announced over-time though.

The newly announced game is expected to be arriving at some point this year, so keep your eyes peeled for more revelations in the coming weeks and months ahead. For now though, check out the official debut trailer and accommodating artwork below and let us know what you think.

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