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No Battlefield 4 For The Wii U

Battlefield 4 Screenshot

Dice have confirmed that their upcoming shooter sequel (Battlefield 4) will not be making it’s way to the Nintendo Wii U this fall. During a a special European unveiling in Stockholm (Sweden) yesterday evening, Dice said that the Wii U was not an option.

They confirmed that the upcoming game would be out on the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC consoles. Thus far, there’s been no confirmation that it will make it’s way to the next gen consoles such as the PS4. Although, we have reason to believe that the shooter will be released on the new PlayStation this year or the next.

Dice also said that their publishers of the game (Electronic Arts) would not be pursuing an interest to bring B4 to the Nintendo consoles. The game creators did say that you never say never, and that if all goes well, maybe a Wii U version could happen in the future though.

If this were to be the case, we’ll let all of our readers know with a post as soon as we hear anything.

Battlefield 4 Screenshot
Battlefield 4 Screenshot

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