Driveclub Montage Video, Showcases PS4 Gameplay

Drive Club PS4

Evolution Studios who’re the developers behind upcoming racer Driveclub have been spending this week producing a variety of video clips that show the cockpit view of the driver to tease PlayStation 4 owners before it’s long awaited release.

Drive Club PS4
Drive Club PS4

One particular YouTube user has compiled a video montage that shows all the clips in one simple piece of footage for your viewing pleasure. The mini trailers that have been released over the course of the past couple of weeks were filmed in Scotland (UK) and Norway in Europe. Check out the video that was uploaded by Shadow Source yesterday and you can comment on this story below.

YouTube video

Driveclub is not to be likened to Forza or Gran Turismo, but you need to see it more in the same light as Grid 2. An official release date is yet to be set by Sony, but you can expect it to be heading your way next year in 2014.

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