Epic Games Vaults Trios Mode in Fortnite’s Latest Revamp

Fortnite Trios Vaulted
Fortnite Trios Vaulted 1

Supporters of Fortnite’s Trios mode must now seek out a fresh preferred mode in this renowned Battle Royale game, as Epic Games has confirmed the mode’s retirement following the launch of update v24.40. This exclusion of the well-liked game mode is just a fraction of the significant revamp introduced to the free-to-play shooter with Fortnite’s recent update.

The Importance of Trios Mode in the Fortnite Universe

Since its early access launch in 2017, Fortnite has secured a commanding position in the Battle Royale arena. This prominence is partly due to its continuous updates and clever integrations of popular culture. Epic’s complimentary shooter even landed a spot on the International Olympic Committee’s selection of games aiming to bring competitive gaming to an international audience, with Fortnite scheduled to be part of the Olympic Esports Series 2023 event later this year. Initially making its appearance as a limited-time mode before graduating to a permanent fixture in Fortnite Chapter 2: Season 5, the Trios mode allowed teams of three to compete against 32 other teams in a 99-player Battle Royale contest.

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The official Fortnite Status Twitter account served a reminder to players about the retirement of the Trios mode in the wake of Fortnite v24.40’s release. Update v24.40, one of the game’s most significant overhauls to date, also introduces considerable changes to Fortnite’s materials and harvesting mechanics. Even though some gameplay changes in v24.40 have sparked contention among Fortnite players, many alterations seem to be designed to ensure a broad player base and balanced gameplay for Fortnite’s new Ranked Play mode.

The Public Response to Trios Mode’s Discontinuation

The Twitter reactions to Trios mode’s removal were polarised, with many lamenting the departure of the three-player mode. One player voiced disappointment, maintaining that Trios mode consistently provided more balanced matches, while other modes were rendered frustrating due to Fortnite’s skill-based matchmaking system. Some fans seemed resolved to continue teaming up with their two preferred allies post-Trios mode, despite a possible competitive disadvantage, suggesting that a three-person team could join Squad mode and disable team fill.

As with numerous past Fortnite updates, this latest set of modifications seems to have agitated certain players. However, despite the backlash over Trios mode’s discontinuation, the new Ranked Play functionalities seem to be sparking renewed interest in the game, potentially attracting a wave of new players. Although it’s always a downer to lose access to a beloved game mode, it’s this continuous evolution and innovation that has propelled Fortnite to its current standing as a gaming and cultural behemoth.

Fortnite is accessible for Mobile, Switch, PS4, PS5, Windows PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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