Nostalgia Alert: Fortnite Brings Back Iconic Weapon from Chapter 1

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The classic Submachine Gun is set to make a comeback in Fortnite as it gets unvaulted and reintroduced in Chapter 4 Season 2. This weapon has a rich history in the game, having appeared in over ten different seasons over the years. While some players have a deep affection for the Submachine Gun, others prefer the newer weaponry like the Compact SMG. Nevertheless, Epic has decided to include it in the BR title once again for another season.

In Fortnite, the regular “vaulting” and “unvaulting” of weapons is a common occurrence. With the introduction of dozens of different weapons since the game’s launch, it’s simply not possible for all of them to coexist simultaneously.

This is where the “vault” comes into play, as Epic Games removes certain weapons from the game and replaces them with either returning or brand new ones. The decision to vault a weapon can be influenced by its compatibility with the current meta of a given season, as well as the need to keep the game exciting and fresh for new and old players.

As Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 approaches its end in just a little over a month, Epic Games has taken steps to revitalise the title’s weapons arsenal. One of the classic weapons, the Submachine Gun, has been unvaulted after being locked away since Chapter 3 Season 2. Furthermore, Epic has given it a makeover, with the SMG now available at rarities ranging from blue/epic all the way up to gold/Legendary.

There Are Better Weapon Options For The Meta

The Submachine Gun’s reintroduction into Fortnite is not anticipated to have a significant impact on the title’s current balance. As is typical with SMGs, it excels in dealing high damage up close, but its accuracy diminishes at longer distances considerably.

While some players may favour the Submachine Gun over snipers, shotguns or other close-combat weapons, it will serve as an additional option for players to consider during early-game battles when they first land or as a last-resort weapon in end-game scenarios.

The SMG in Fortnite had to undergo a significant nerf by Epic due to its ability to deal substantial damage not only at close range but also at longer distances. Although it has never been as powerful as it was in Chapter 1 Season 5, the SMG has gained a reputation as a formidable weapon in the battle royale over the years.

In addition to the Submachine Gun, Epic Games has recently added another weapon to Fortnite – the Lock On Pistol. This pistol has the unique ability to automatically track and target enemies, even those hiding in bushes in the endgame.

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