Valheim’s Latest Update Brings Enhancements to Xbox Gameplay

Valheim Xbox Update
Valheim Xbox Update
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Xbox players of Valheim have received a new patch aimed at improving save stability and bringing the console version more in line with its PC counterpart. Despite its initial 2021 release, Valheim continues to receive regular updates and performance enhancements during its ongoing Early Access phase. The game’s full 1.0 version release is still forthcoming.

Iron Gate Studio’s Valheim was an unexpected smash hit in 2021. The Viking-themed sandbox survival title took the gaming world by storm, selling millions of copies while still in its Early Access phase, which was initially only available on PC. Its massive success led to the game being made available on Xbox and added to the Game Pass library. However, its console performance still has room for improvement.

Xbox Update Goes Down Well

The Valheim development team has rolled out a new update with Xbox players in mind, aiming to enhance their gameplay experience. The update addresses some height-map inconsistencies, ensuring parity between the Xbox and PC versions of the game. Additionally, it resolves some gamepad and control input issues. Of greater significance, the update provides increased stability for saves on the Microsoft console, a highly requested feature among the community.

Losing saved progress on any game is extremely annoying, but you can just take a look at the comment replies to the post that the developers tweeted out on Twitter to get an idea. Many fans are over-the-moon about this update and it fixes the number one concern in the game.

Valheim’s most recent update aimed to address cloud-saving problems. The 0.215.2 update, which was released a few weeks ago, placed significant emphasis on reducing the likelihood of saves becoming corrupted on Xbox while resolving some minor graphical issues.

Nonetheless, it remains unclear if this problem will be resolved completely in the near future or if console players will have to wait several more weeks for the game to be fully on par with its PC version, allowing for safe gameplay without fear of losing saves.

For now though, Xbox One and Series S/X users will be very happy with the news of a fix for all these bugs and stay tuned for more updates in the following weeks to come.

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