Valheim Brings in Update 0.215.2 for Xbox and PC Platforms

Valheim Update For Xbox & PC

Valheim players can now enjoy a smoother gaming experience as the game’s developers have recently launched a new patch entitled 0.215.2 that resolves various issues and enhances gameplay. The patch, which is also available to Xbox Game Pass subscribers, contains fixes for in-game bugs as well as cloud save storage problems in both Xbox and PC.

Valheim Update For Xbox & PC
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This sandbox survival game, set in a Viking-inspired world, was initially released for PC in early access mode two years ago and has already sold over five million copies on Steam. Now, Xbox Game Pass subscribers can enjoy the game as part of their subscription. However, being in Early Access, the game still has a few issues, which is why the developers are releasing a new patch to address them and improve the overall player experience.

Valheim has taken the gaming world by surprise, becoming one of the most successful indie titles in recent years. The latest patch brings a number of improvements, especially to the cloud-saving feature. With this update, backups can now be used multiple times and will no longer be deleted after restoration. Issues with missing files and backups that couldn’t be properly restored have been resolved. Other bug fixes include the proper placement of ship markers on the mini-map and the correction of previously non-functional lighting effects.

On consoles it brings improved stability and addresses the issue of corrupted save files on Xbox, which was a persistent problem. The patch notes also mention that corrupted saves will be detected and prevented from starting as empty worlds. Additionally, a bug related to time stamps in cloud saves has been fixed, providing a smoother experience for players.

While previous updates for the game had brought in new features, the latest update is a small one focused on addressing existing issues and improving overall game stability. As a result, there are no new features or content additions included in this particular update.

Look out for many updates to come as promised by Iron Gate Studio and you can check out all of the latest patch notes here, leave your thoughts below on what you think and stay up to date by following us on social media.

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