Zero Build Mode Seems to Stay in OG Fortnite Season

Zero Build Mode Seems to Stay in OG Fortnite Season
Zero Build Mode Seems to Stay in OG Fortnite Season

Fortnite is going to go back in time to Chapter 1 Season 5. Since the original Fortnite was designed just for regular building mode, some players worried the game might face some major changes and the popular Zero Build mode would be removed, even if temporarily.

Now, leakers seem to have figured out that Epic has no plans to eliminate this admired mode, and it will remain playable in the throwback season. This will allow fans to choose whether to stick to the original mode or battle in Chapter 1 without being able to defend using manual structures.

Shiina Says Zero Build “Still Around” Next Season

The famous leaker Shiina declared that the mode is staying when Fortnite revisits Chapter 1 Season 5. According to their sources, Epic has completely amended the old battle royale map to ensure a smooth Zero Build experience.

Based on the obtained information, zip lines have been added everywhere for easy mobility without building. The leaker also mentioned that Zero Build will keep all its usual movement features next season. These modern mechanics are now core to the gameplay, so taking them away would disappoint many fans.

Keeping Modern Mechanics Fans Have Adapted To

Lots of players have dreamed of returning to the iconic original battle royale map with memorable POIs like the iconic Tilted Towers. Now it seems they can revisit the nostalgic locales while still enjoying the fresh Zero Build mode.

On top of that, it is rumored that all of Fortnite’s classic weapons, such as Tactical and Pump Shotguns, will come back too. This season will be about going back to simpler old school times. But Zero Build will provide a new twist on the familiar Chapter 1 setting.

The current season is expected to end on Friday, November 3rd, with Chapter 1 Season 5 launching right after. It remains to be seen 100% if Zero Build stays, but all signs point to Epic keeping it around. Players can likely experience a pure nostalgia trip without sacrificing modern innovations.

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Source – Shiina via X

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