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Fortnite x Dragonball Z: Goku Black Added

Fortnite x Dragonball Z
Fortnite x Dragonball Z
(Image Credit Epic Games)

In a thrilling turn of events, Fortnite has incorporated Goku Black from Dragon Ball into its expansive universe. Fortnite has carved out a distinct space for itself in the gaming sphere, becoming an unrivalled commercial phenomenon despite its free-to-play model. By creating an immersive and enthralling gameplay experience and coupling it with a tantalising array of purchasable in-game items, Epic Games has managed to hook a vast player base.

Fortnite Goku Black Emote

The magic of Fortnite isn’t limited to its innovative design and engaging gameplay alone; it’s the audacious crossover collaborations that set it apart. Epic Games has earned a reputation for landing lucrative partnerships with some of the industry’s biggest names, including Star Wars, Marvel, DC, Halo, and God of War, significantly enriching the Fortnite universe.

Goku Black’s Potential Impact on Fortnite

Amidst this backdrop, the recent addition of Goku Black has sent waves of excitement across the Dragon Ball fandom. The long-speculated arrival of this beloved character has finally come to fruition. Players can now add Goku Black to their Fortnite squad at the click of a button. This release follows a flurry of rumours and anticipation, with no definitive launch date adding to the suspense. However, this strategy isn’t new to Fortnite fans, as leaks often precede new character drops, creating a buzz of anticipation.

In the wake of Goku Black’s entry, Fortnite landscapes are likely to witness a surge of players donning this character’s avatar. Interestingly, Goku Black’s avatar is expected to feature a transition from his signature black hair to his Super Saiyan Rosé form with pink hair, most likely via an emote. While it remains to be seen whether other Dragon Ball characters will join the Fortnite roster, the success of Goku Black could potentially pave the way for more additions in the future.

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