How To Find Painting Droids Room Easter Egg: Jedi Survivor

Jedi Survivor Painting Droid Room Easter Egg Guide
Jedi Survivor Painting Droid Room Easter Egg Guide

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor whisks Cal Kestis off on his next cosmic escapade. While the main storyline focuses on the novice Jedi Knight traversing various planets to halt a daunting menace from amassing power, it also provides players plenty of room for planetary exploration and the discovery of concealed treasures.

Just as with its predecessor, “Star Wars Jedi: Survivor” brims with Easter eggs waiting to be unearthed and relished by players. These hidden gems primarily pay homage to various facets of the Star Wars universe, with a handful inserted purely for the entertainment of those fortunate enough to discover them. The Artistic Droid Chamber, tucked away in Koboh, is one such Easter egg, though its well-concealed nature means not every player will encounter it during their journey. Not to worry, in this strategy guide we’ll walk you through it from start to finish. We’ve even posted a video tutorial below to make it even easier.

Easter Egg Droid Room (Video Tutorial)

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Unravelling the Route to the Artistic Droid Chamber in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

Locating the Artistic Droid Chamber necessitates a quick trip to the Pyloon’s Saloon Meditation Point. On exiting the saloon via the main entrance, players need to take a left and head straight towards the babbling brook, from where they can leap towards the scalable wall leading into the Untamed Downs.

From this juncture, Cal should take a right, following the path until he hits the petite bridge. Here, he should drop down to the left side and turn left.

Following the brook straight ahead will guide Cal to a quaint cave with a solitary stone pillar at its heart. A Bilemaw lurks within, but vanquishing it isn’t a prerequisite for accessing the Artistic Droid Chamber. If players feel ill-equipped for the encounter, a quick rest at a Meditation Point to replenish Cal’s Stims is advisable.

Upon entering the cave, Cal should circle around the central stone pillar, jumping towards the vines sprouting from it.

He must then ascend to the cave’s ceiling, using the vines above to reach the ledge at the cave’s rear.

Taking a left and proceeding to the rear of this area will reveal a radiant blue container topped with a glowing lamp. Adjacent to this, on the right side, between the hanging vines and the colossal rock, lies the entrance to the Artistic Droid Chamber. To slip inside, Cal simply needs to approach it, triggering a prompt for him to squeeze through.

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Discovering the Artistic Droid Chamber in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

Cal will need just over two minutes to wriggle through this crevice. Upon emerging, he will find himself in a chamber populated by droids and a Mogu. Contrary to expectation, these beings pose no threat to Cal; the droids are more engrossed in immortalising the Mogu on their canvases.

After players have had their fill of the Artistic Droid Chamber, they can navigate through the other crevice just beyond the droids to swiftly return to the cave entrance.

Now, if you’re more of a visual learner, there’s a comprehensive video tutorial available that guides you through this entire process. This step-by-step video guide at the beginning of this article illustrates the journey to the Painting Droid Room, providing you with an alternative, more visually engaging way to follow along. It’s an excellent resource if you’re finding the written instructions challenging or if you prefer to learn in a more interactive manner.

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