Trust or Reward? Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Senator Sejan Dilemma

Jedi Survivor Senator Sejan
Jedi Survivor Senator Sejan
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In Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, the protagonist Cal Kestis embarks on his second adventure throughout the expansive Star Wars galaxy. While Senator Daho Sejan is his primary target at the outset of the game, matters become more intricate when the unhinged politician tries to escape.

In order to catch him, Cal needs to navigate the Coruscant Undercity and eventually climb aboard Sejan’s ship. During this part of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, Imperial forces maintain a high alert, so players must become familiar with Cal’s fighting style to get past them. After making progress, Cal reunites with his allies, who assist him in gaining access to Senator Sejan’s ship, where players face a crucial decision.

How To Locate Senator Sejan

Senator Sejan Star Wars

Cal needs to find a way to board Senator Sejan’s yacht before confronting him. Fortunately, Cal’s quick thinking earlier in the game prevented the yacht from completely escaping, although it remains slightly out of his grasp. Once Cal reunites with his team, he must traverse the recently lowered bridge that leads to the northern platform and utilise the Ascension Cable to access the climbable grate above.

New Low Bridge Star Wars

To progress, Cal must scale higher and leap towards the suspended pipe located on the left. Doing so will direct him towards a shaft that he must descend before proceeding forward. After jumping to the subsequent platform, Cal must utilise the Force Push ability to clear the path blocked by a flaming pipe. Once done, he can climb along the underside of the yacht to advance to the subsequent section, where he will have to employ the Ascension Cable to access the higher platform.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Push Force

To free Sejan’s yacht, Cal must utilise the Force Push ability once again to remove another flaming pipe obstructing its path. This will allow him to leap onto the yacht’s golden grate and ascend aboard. By instructing BD-1 to slice open the yacht’s door, Cal can enter it effortlessly. Thereafter, all he has to do is descend the stairs, use the Force Push to open the locked door, and locate Sejan.

Trust Or Reward?

Trust Or Reward Sejan

Upon locating Sejan, Cal can initiate his interrogation by approaching the politician. However, since Sejan is uncooperative, Cal must utilise his Mind Trick ability to extract the required information from him and obtain access to the Central Terminal.

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The Truth Conclusion

Upon confronting Sejan, players must decide what Cal should communicate to him. Opting for the “Trust” option will lead Cal to reassure Sejan of his trustworthiness, following which Sejan will express his approval and allow Cal to enter the Central Terminal.

The Reward Conclusion

Selecting the “Reward” option will require Cal to pledge a reward to Sejan in return for the information he seeks. In reaction, Sejan will grin and reiterate Cal’s promise, following which he will grant Cal entry to the Central Terminal.

Regardless of the player’s decision, Cal will still be granted access to the Central Terminal. In addition, both choices lead to the same outcome, with Sejan’s response being the only distinguishing factor.

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