ArcRunner: A Cyberpunk Roguelite Shooter Out Now

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After much anticipation, ‘ArcRunner’, the cyberpunk action roguelite game from TrickJump Games and PQube, has now been released on popular platforms such as Steam, Epic Store, and GOG. Console gamers can also look forward to the game’s release on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series S/X later this year.

In ‘ArcRunner’, players assume the role of a cybernetic android with the mind of the most formidable tactical operative ever known. The goal is straightforward: defeat the zone Guardians, reach KORE, and restore sanity. Players must confront unyielding swarms of hostile robotic adversaries, each designed to obliterate the player.

The game provides a variety of characters to match each player’s distinct combat approach, and after completing each level, players can upgrade their android with state-of-the-art augmentations. Experiment with diverse firepower, collaborate with friends online, and work together to save ‘The Arc’.

Co-op Play, Unique Characters & Awesome Weapons

Cooperative multiplayer enables up to three players to unite in an attempt to overcome the rogue AI. As players advance through the game, they will come across multiple zones, each with its own set of randomly generated levels. These levels span from a dystopian cyberpunk cityscape to the opulent Eden Heights, guaranteeing that each playthrough is unique and unpredictable.

Players have the option to select from three different character classes: the Soldier, the Ninja, and the Hacker. Each character possesses unique abilities, weapons, and benefits tailored to specific playstyles. The Soldier depends on brute force and adaptability, while the Ninja excels in swiftness and stealth. The Hacker specialises in infiltration and disruption, using unconventional tactics such as hacking enemies to fight on their side.

While exploring The Arc, players will uncover and obtain new weapons like the cluster-firing-shotgun ‘Demolisher’ and the pinpoint accurate ‘Plasma Bow’. They can upgrade these weapons further with nanites earned during each run. Moreover, players can buy potent meta-progression upgrades in the cryochamber to boost damage, health, add weapon mod slots, and equip powerful augmentations for increased survivability.

Experience the breathtaking cyberpunk universe of ‘ArcRunner’, as you confront a rogue AI, either solo or alongside your companions. With its distinctive gameplay mechanics, beautiful graphics, and unpredictable level design, ‘ArcRunner’ delivers an unparalleled gaming experience. Have a watch of some gameplay from the video posted below to get an idea of what the game looks like first-hand.

Don’t miss this thrilling adventure – get ‘ArcRunner’ on Steam, Epic Games, and GOG now, and stay tuned for its console release.

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