Fortnite OG Season 5 Trailer Reveals the Chapter 1 Map Gameplay

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season OG Cinematic
Fortnite Chapter 4 Season OG Cinematic

Key Highlights:

  • Fortnite’s Chapter 4 Season 5 brings back the iconic original map from Chapter 1
  • A new trailer reveals returning weapons like the Rocket Launcher and Hand Cannon
  • Classic vehicles including Shopping Carts, Pirate Cannons, and Quadcrashers are back
  • The trailer showcases beloved POIs like Tilted Towers, Retail Row, and Wailing Woods
  • Cosmetics like Omegarok and Lil Split mashup classic Fortnite skins into new designs
  • Many OG Shop cosmetics are exclusive to this season and won’t return after it ends
  • Shorter duration season ends December 2nd, so players have limited time to obtain skins

Fortnite Rewinds to Chapter 1 Glory in Upcoming Season

The highly anticipated new season of Fortnite delivers a nostalgic trip back to the game’s origins. Chapter 4 Season 5 brings Fortnite’s iconic original map from Chapter 1 back into the battle royale fray.

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A gameplay trailer for the season codenamed “OG” offers a first look at the Chapter 1 weapons, vehicles, locations, and cosmetics returning to the BR. Familiar arsenal like the Rocket Launcher, Hand Cannon, and Minigun make their comeback.

Players can also expect to wreck mayhem with classic Fortnite vehicles including Shopping Carts, Pirate Cannons, Quadcrashers, and more. Airplanes enable dogfighting, while Driftboards and Ballers facilitate quick traversal.

Beloved Original POIs Back in Action

The trailer takes players on a tour of beloved Chapter 1 points of interest coming back to Fortnite. Highlights include:

  • Dusty Divot’s massive crater digging into the island
  • Tilted Towers with its iconic skyscrapers
  • Loot Lake’s island-dotted waters
  • Wailing Woods’ spooky array of trees
  • Retail Row’s vibrant shop-filled plaza
  • Flush Factory’s safe landing spot
  • Lonely Lodge

Experiencing these iconic locales again with modern play mechanics aims to provide an enticing blend of nostalgia and fresh gameplay for long-time fans.

All Items Returning in C1 OG

Rocket LauncherAll Terrain Kart
Hand CannonShopping Cart
Heavy Assault RiflePirate Cannon
Hunting RifleDriftboard
Pump ShotgunAirplanes
ClingerThe Baller

OG Cosmetics Offer Crossovers Between Eras

Fortnite Season OG Grappler Item

Cosmetics featured in the season’s OG Item Shop provide creative mashups between new and classic skins. Most notably, the Omegarok fuses Omega and Ragnarok into an epic outfit. Renegade Lynx blends Renegade Raider with the colourful Lynx. These crossover looks encapsulate Fortnite through the years in individual skins.

However, players have limited time to obtain most OG cosmetics. Many items in the shop are exclusive to this season and won’t return to Fortnite’s regular item rotation after it concludes.

As a result, players only have until the season’s shorter-than-usual end date on December 2nd to pick up OG skins before they’re gone for good. The limited availability makes them extra collectible for diehard Fortnite fans.

Fortnite Rewind Evokes Best of Past and Present

Fortnite Season OG Gameplay Wailing Woods

While story details remain under wraps, Fortnite’s journey back in time to its early era aims to capture nostalgic magic for long-time players who were there from the beginning. Being able to experience Chapter 1’s iconic original map with modern gameplay conveniences provides an irresistible combo.

It’s been confirmed that the popular zero build mode will be staying after numerous reports originally suggested otherwise. However, things like swimming have been vaulted and many other features that were not present in the game back in C1.

OG cosmetics creatively bridge the aesthetic gap between the title’s early days and now. The ability to squad up with friends on beloved old POIs using classic weapons and vehicles promises to satisfy veteran players’ cravings for when Fortnite was truly at it’s peak. Newer players also get to discover what made the game so special years ago.

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However, the limited run of exclusive OG cosmetics adds urgency to snagging standout skins before they depart. Overall, the battle royale’s upcoming time warp into its past looks set to deliver an unforgettable trip down memory lane.

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