Tekken 8 Trailer Unveils Elegant New Fighter Victor Chevalier

Tekken 8 - Victor Chevalier Reveal
Tekken 8 - Victor Chevalier Reveal

Key Highlights:

  • Tekken 8 has revealed new playable character Victor Chevalier in a new trailer
  • Victor uses weapons like a pistol, dagger, and laser sword for ranged and quick attacks
  • The refined French fighter founded the secret agent ninja group Raven Force
  • Actor Vincent Cassel voices Victor, the first French character in the Tekken series
  • A new trailer also previewed the returns of Panda, Zafina, Lee, Alisa, and Devil Jin
  • One more unknown fighter reveal is set for November 12th

Tekken 8 Introduces Refined New Fighter Victor Chevalier

YouTube video

The latest trailer for upcoming fighter Tekken 8 has unveiled an all-new character joining the roster – distinguished Frenchman Victor Chevalier. The reveal highlights Victor’s elegant fighting style utilising firearm, blade, and laser sword projectiles.

Dubbed “refined violence,” Victor brings a composed finesse to battle as Tekken’s first French representative. His weapon-based moveset incorporates long-range and quick lethal attacks into his refined combat tactics.

Victor’s trailer shows the new fighter elegantly defeating opponents aboard a yacht backdrop in front of the Eiffel Tower and Paris. The sophisticated setting matches his dignified manner and attire.

According to his backstory, Victor is a legendary warrior who founded and trained the secretive Raven Force ninja clan, tying him to existing characters Raven and Master Raven. He is voiced by acclaimed French actor Vincent Cassel, known for Black Swan and Westworld.

Fan Favorites Return to Tekken 8 Roster

Tekken 8 Devil Jin, Zafina, Alisa Bosconovich, and Lee Chaolan Reveal

While Victor Chevalier takes centre stage as the new reveal, Tekken 8’s penultimate trailer also offered a quick look at several returning series veterans courtesy of the IGN YouTube channel. Panda, Zafina, Lee, Alisa Bosconovich, and Devil Jin all briefly appear in action.

YouTube video

Panda maintains her playful martial arts moveset as one of Tekken’s most iconic and lighthearted fighters. Meanwhile, mystical warrior Zafina utilises spiritual orb projectiles, as seen in her Tekken 6 debut.

Flamboyant fighter Lee Chaolan is back with his showy Jeet Kune Do style. Robot girl Alisa flies into battle wielding chainsaws and rockets. Devil Jin harnesses demonic laser beams alongside his signature Kazama-style moves.

These favourites represent only a portion of the fighting title’s line-up, but confirm many staples of the series roster remain for its next chapter. Fan reception to the returns has been highly positive.

More Fighter Reveals Coming in November

Tekken 8 - Victor Chevalier Gameplay at the Eiffel Tower in Paris

To further build anticipation, the Beat ‘Em Up’s penultimate trailer concluded by announcing additional character reveals arriving on November 2nd and 12th respectively. Obviously today was the first of the two, with the Victor Chevalier reveal.

This suggests the launch roster is nearly fully unveiled, with just a couple surprise slots left. The previous instalment topped out at a robust 38 base fighters, so fans expect this entry to match or exceed that number with its selection.

Other veterans like Eddy Gordo and Yoshimitsu seem likely candidates for the mystery slot. But fans also hope for comeback additions and even guest stars from other franchises.

With slick new French gent Victor Chevalier already bringing weapons-based warfare to the mix. The series’ reputation for creative fighting styles should be on full display heading into the game’s 2024 launch.

Tekken 8 is scheduled for release on January 26th, 2024, for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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