Tekken 8: Bryan Fury Confirmed for the Roster – Trailer Inside

Tekken 8 Bryan Fury
Tekken 8 Bryan Fury

An unintended revelation occurred when Tekken’s official account prematurely posted a gameplay trailer for Tekken 8. This unexpected sneak peek confirmed the exciting news that Bryan Fury, a long-standing character in the series, will be part of the roster in the forthcoming combat game. The game developers have since just released the trailer outright which you can view below. However they may want to start to be on the same wavelength as each other to avoid these leaks in future.

This revelation follows Bandai Namco’s recent announcement of Hwoarang’s return, a character celebrated for his swift and forceful kick attacks, heightening the anticipation for the corrupt cop’s comeback since his memorable debut in Tekken 3.

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Bandai Namco seems intent on maintaining a continuous stream of excitement among its player base. Character trailers continue to emerge, offering tantalising insights into the abilities and fighting techniques of various personalities. Bandai Namco confirmed the comeback of Nina Williams for Tekken 8, with the game slated for release either late in 2023 or in the early part of 2024. Additionally, Tekken 8 promises to augment its gameplay with an innovative ‘Heat System’, a feature designed to channel players’ attacking instincts into their combat strategies.

Bryan Fury: A Closer Look at His Updated Design

The accidental unveiling of Bryan Fury’s participation occurred when Tekken’s official Instagram account prematurely published a gameplay trailer spotlighting him. Although swiftly deleted, many caught the footage just in-time. This triggered extensive discussions concerning Bryan Fury’s updated look and voice over. The teaser footage presented a formidable Fury, utilising his powerful punches and knee strikes to annihilate his opponents, punctuated by a mix of high and mid-kicks to complete exhilarating combinations.

Reactions were mixed, with some players suggesting a more radical departure from the character’s original design might have been preferable. Certain Bryan Fury aficionados voiced their dissatisfaction, hoping to see him evolve into a less human form. While Bandai Namco introduced fresh design elements, such as a small skull embellishment on Bryan’s leg, some fans argued that further modifications would have stoked the anticipation flames more effectively.

Bryan Fury’s Legacy in Tekken Franchise

Bryan Fury’s reappearance in Tekken is hardly a shock, given his consistent presence in the franchise’s main titles. Since his introduction in Tekken 3 in 1997, the ex-cop has consistently resonated with fans due to his viscerally satisfying attacks. In Tekken 8, he’ll once again demonstrate his distinctive kickboxing prowess, pressuring even the mightiest of opponents.

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Finally, returning characters also include Asuka Kazama, recognisable as part of the Kazama lineage, and Leroy Smith. Both bring unique strengths: Asuka boasts supernatural agility and quick reflexes, while Leroy Smith excels in defensive strategies. Both have proved their mettle against formidable adversaries in their respective narratives.

Tekken 8 is currently being developed for PlayStation 5, Windows PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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