Tekken 8 Character King Pays Homage to WWE with Signature Finisher

tekken 8 king 1
tekken 8 king 1

One of the most iconic characters in the Tekken series, King, is returning to the upcoming Tekken 8 title with a brand-new move added to his fighting style. This Mexican wrestler is well-known among fans of the game for his jaguar mask and unique moves.

King is a luchador, and his fighting style has always been based on pro-wrestling, with a focus on grabs and quick strikes. His limited range makes him a defensive fighter, but his diverse move set makes him a formidable opponent.

The new move that King has added to his repertoire is none other than Triple H’s Pedigree. The Pedigree is a double underhook facebuster that was popularized by Triple H during his time as a wrestler in the WWE. Fans of the Tekken series are excited to see this move incorporated into King’s move set, and many are already speculating how it will affect gameplay.

While the Pedigree is a new addition to King’s move set, it is not the only wrestling-inspired move that he uses in Tekken 8. During one of the gameplay showcases for the game, it was revealed that King can also use one of Randy Orton’s signature moves, the RKO, as a finisher. In addition to these finishers, King has several other wrestling-inspired moves, including a Backstabber, running powerbomb, and a giant swing powerbomb.

King’s Storyline & Returning Characters

King’s storyline in Tekken 8 revolves around his orphanage, which has been affected by the ongoing war between G Corporation and the Mishima Zaibatsu. With several children left homeless, the wrestler enters the King of the Iron Fist tournament, hoping to win the prize money to help out the kids.

This adds an emotional dimension to King’s character, and fans are eager to see how this storyline will play out in the game.

Aside from King’s new moves and storyline, Tekken 8 boasts a roster of returning characters, all of whom have been redesigned from the ground up. The game promises to deliver a fresh experience for fans of the series, with improved graphics, new gameplay mechanics, and an engaging storyline.

King’s inclusion of the Pedigree in his move set has garnered attention from both Tekken and World Wrestling Entertainment fans alike. With the game’s release date still unknown and unannounced, fans can only speculate about what other surprises the game has in store for them.

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