Tekken 8 Confirms Return of Raven and Newcomer Azucena (Trailers)

Tekken 8 Raven & Azucena Reveal
Tekken 8 Raven & Azucena Reveal

Bandai Namco recently unveiled two new Tekken 8 fighters – returning veteran Raven and newcomer Azucena, the first Peruvian combatant. These reveals arrive amidst great anticipation for the eminent 3D fighter amidst stiff competition in 2023’s crowded fighting landscape, including Street Fighter 6 and Mortal Kombat 1.

Tekken 8’s gradually expanding roster combines legacy characters like Jin, Kazuya and Jun with recent fan favourites such as Claudio and Leroy. Raven now rejoins the fray after his absence in the previous title, where successor Master Raven appeared instead. Azucena marks completely fresh blood, bringing unique cultural representation.

Raven Reveal Trailer For Tekken 8

YouTube video

Debuting in Tekken 5, the enigmatic Raven serves as a secret agent ninja for the United Nations. His swift, close-quarters Ninjutsu style allows relentless pressure once near opponents. Raven also employs shadow clones for misdirection and additional strikes from multiple angles.

Azucena Reveal Trailer For Tekken 8

YouTube video

Azucena contrasts as an upbeat “Coffee Queen” displaying expert beverage knowledge. Her dialogue and “Perfect Blend” title reflect this passion. In combat, Azucena gracefully dances around attacks before retaliating, combining style with martial prowess. As Tekken’s first Peruvian, she represents a proud cultural milestone.

Both trailers exhibited Tekken 8’s stage destruction mechanics. Landscapes violently evolve as health diminishes, creating fresh arenas. These sequences underscore the developers’ focus on spectacle and scale for the next generation.

Raven’s return was leaked via datamined builds, but Azucena remained an exciting surprise. Further reveals surely await before release. Tekken 8 must stand tall in a stacked 2023 fighting lineup, so anticipation for the storied franchise’s next chapter is high.

These recent character announcements have been well received, especially Azucena for expanding representation. However, some critique the recycling of Raven over unused or forgotten fighters. His relationship with Master Raven also remains ambiguous.

TEKKEN 8 Raven Reveal & Gameplay

Nonetheless, Raven retains popularity for his ruthless efficiency contrasting with flashy contemporaries. His shadowy martial arts supply welcome variety alongside Azucena’s dance-influenced kickboxing.

Tekken 8’s roster risks becoming overcrowded, so each selection warrants scrutiny. Does Raven’s restored presence enrich the game despite his similarity to Master Raven? Does Azucena’s unique cultural flavour justify inclusion over revived fan favourites?

Bandai Namco’s continued reveals indicate a willingness to court controversy if confident additions improve Tekken 8. Raven and Azucena may meet different reactions, but the developers clearly assess their contributions to the whole.

More Reveals Still to Come Before Tekken 8’s Release

Upcoming character trailers will also face growing verdicts on originality and diversity. Tekken’s eclectic lineup partially relies on distinctive nationalities and fighting disciplines. The trickle of new challengers must achieve this balance.

For now, these two fresh faces spark intrigue and discussion befitting the fighter’s burgeoning hype. Mastering Raven’s elusive ninjutsu once more or dancing circles with Azucena both offer worthwhile incentives for embroiling in intense brawls soon.

Let the debates continue as more get confirmed. Tekken’s future remains promising if boldness triumphs over complacency. The King of Iron Fist Tournament’s next contenders stand ready.

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