Apex Legends Season 18 Gameplay Trailer Shows Revenant Overhaul

Apex Legends Resurrection Gameplay Trailer
Apex Legends Resurrection Gameplay Trailer

Apex Legends impending Season 18 Resurrection update controversially opts against debuting a new legend, instead comprehensively revamping the murderous simulacrum Revenant through a rebirth entitled ‘Revenant Reborn’.

This seismic rework entirely overhauls his ability kit, default appearance and voice performance to reinvigorate the sinister robotic assassin.The recent reveal trailer unveils Revenant’s heavily altered design, discarding his iconic skull-faced mask for a disturbing smile, whilst softening his formerly ominous vocal filter.

Apex Legends Season 18 Resurrection Trailer

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In-game, this transformation results from an enforced ‘upgrade’ by antagonist Torres Silva to subjugate Revenant for unknown schemes.

Revenant Reborn Provides Complete Ability Rework

Revenant remains playable for all during Season 18 of Apex Legends, enabling everyone to experience his redesigned skillset:Passive – Assassin’s Instinct: Alongside enhanced crouch-walking stealth and wall-climbing inherited from his original kit, Revenant can now scale horizontally and detect weakened enemies. Knocking foes below 40 health personally highlights them for your squad.

New Passive Enhances Movement and Tracking

Tactical – Shadow Pounce: A charged leap enables swift traversal, closing distances rapidly like Vantage’s Echo Relocation. This facilitates pursuing fleeing opponents or catching up with advancing allies.

Shadow Pounce Adds High-Mobility Leaping

Ultimate – Forged Shadows: No longer deploying a Death Totem, Revenant instead summons spectral allies from Shadow Royale mode to attack enemies. They generate an overshield protecting against 75 damage, replenished by defeating adversaries. However, environmental hazards bypass the shield.

Forged Shadows Replace Death Totem Ultimate

“According to game designer Evan Funnell, the developers aimed to preserve Revenant’s swift crouch-walking and wall climbing as these were iconic abilities in his original kit.”The trailer also confirmed Mixtape Mode arriving on Broken Moon and teased the Death Dynasty event and Resurrection battle pass contents. But the extensive Revenant enhancements remain the cornerstone of Apex Legends’ next phase.

Developers Aim to Retain Core Appeal

Apex Legends Season 18

This decision to overhaul an existing roster member rather than introduce a new character option has prompted divided reactions. Some applaud Revenant finally receiving substantial improvements given his relatively niche viability.

Others argue fresh characters maintain engagement, an opinion potentially validated by decreased playtime metrics last season.However, Revenant’s comprehensive reimagining essentially makes him an entirely new addition. The degree of changes far exceeds balance tweaks or a basic rework. Once the community experiences his redefined playstyle, the controversy may subside.

Season 18 Divides Opinion Among Community

Season 18 represents a bold gamble, but Revenant’s original appeal and Apex’s solid foundations provide cause for optimism. The buzz generated demonstrates the fanbase’s enduring investment in legends like Revenant. And the developers continue striving to innovate, even if not every risk succeeds.

Ultimately, players will decide whether Revenant Reborn revitalises Apex through unseen longevity or was an unneeded substitution for genuine variety.

Either way, the undead assassin will cut a new path when Resurrection begins on the 8th of August. Brace for a metamorphosis.

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