Apex Legends’ Most-Played Character Gets a New Ruler

Apex Legends Characters
Apex Legends Characters

The rankings of the most-played and least-played characters in Apex Legends tend to fluctuate with each update and balance changes. However, despite these factors, Wraith has remained consistently popular and has held the top spot. This has changed recently, though, with Pathfinder now overtaking Wraith as the most-played character in the game. This shift in popularity is likely due to Season 16 buffs and the influence of top streamers and the competitive scene. It remains to be seen how the meta will shift with future updates.

What has caused Pathfinder to become the most-played character in Apex Legends? Unlike previous instances where a streamer or prominent figure uncovers hidden tech that quickly boosts a character’s popularity before it’s patched out, Pathfinder’s ascent has been gradual over the course of the season. Despite receiving no significant buffs in recent smaller updates, he has still managed to climb the ranks. It wasn’t until the Season 16 update that he received notable attention from the developers.

The data originates from the Apex Legends Status site – a third-party tool that monitors character pick rates across Apex’s different levels of gameplay. According to the data collected by the tracker, Pathfinder currently boasts an 11.8% pick rate, surpassing Wraith who holds a 10.4% pick rate. Though, Octane is also tied with a 10.4% pick rate, making the two technically equal in that aspect. However, Wraith still lags behind Pathfinder in the charts.

Apex Legends
Apex Legends Data

Pathfinder’s Rise

The recent update has brought a much-needed upgrade to Pathfinder’s passive ability. For a long time, the absence of a valuable passive had been a recurring topic of jest, especially when compared to the superior passives offered by other Legends. Not only has Pathfinder received the Skirmisher perks that come with the class rework, but his Zipline ultimate’s cooldown reduction has also been integrated into these Skirmisher actions. Moreover, the speed and range of his Zipline have been significantly enhanced, resulting in an abundance of Ziplines on maps that span across multiple points of interest.

The newly crowned number one character is experiencing a surge in both popularity and success. He is currently the top pick in all tiers except for Rookie, Unranked, and Bronze, and among the top 300 players globally, he has the highest win rate compared to any other Legend. The joy factor must also be taken into account – manoeuvring through the terrain as Pathfinder, with his impressive range of mobility options, is just as practical as it is enjoyable. Unless significant adjustments are made in the upcoming season, it is doubtful that Pathfinder will become less appealing anytime soon.

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