Apex Legends Unleashes a Shake-Up: New Ranked System in Season 18

Apex Legends Season 18
Apex Legends Season 18

Apex Legends Season 18 is set to see a colossal shakeup of the Ranked system.” For those unaware, Apex Legends is the battle royale sensation that’s been keeping the world of gaming on tenterhooks with fresh content and updates since it first appeared on the scene in 2019. And while the introduction of new characters often steals the spotlight, it’s the alterations lurking in the background that can reshape the game’s landscape in profound ways.

Apex Legends: An Issue in Ranked Play

We’ve been in Season 17 for a long while now, and during this time, a cacophony of Apex Legends enthusiasts have been voicing their concerns about a glaring issue with the Ranked system. The bone of contention? It’s become far too easy to ascend the ranks, with more players scaling the heights to the coveted Masters rank than a sherpa leads up Mount Everest. The title, once worn with a proud smirk by a select elite, now seems about as exclusive as a free cookie with your coffee. Players have been baying for change, and it seems their pleas have not fallen on deaf ears.

Apex Legends: A Nerf to the Ladder Point System

Come July 19th, the powers that be at Apex Legends had a bit of dialogue and unveiled a raft of amendments to the Ranked system. Tailored to silence the critics and reintroduce that satisfying challenge to the scramble up the competitive ladder. Leading the charge of these changes is the nerfing of Ladder Points, along with heftier penalties for losses in the Diamond Tier and beyond. With these measures in place, the Masters club is set to get a little more exclusive again, and the ranking spread should be more balanced than a tightrope walker’s breakfast.

But the Ladder Point overhaul is only half the story. Ranked matchmaking is also set for a bit of a spit and polish. Apex Legends, renowned for the sky-high skill ceiling it offers in the FPS genre, is striving to ensure that the cream of the crop consistently find themselves battling against worthy adversaries. So, if you’ve been sweating bullets about these alterations, fear not – the developers reassure that these tweaks mainly impact the high-rollers, leaving the rest of the system humming along as usual.

Apex Legends Ranked Mode

Apex Legends: The Anticipated Impact of Changes in Season 18

Maintaining a smooth-running Ranked system in such a beloved game is akin to balancing an elephant on a beach ball, particularly when you’re trying to iron out the creases as they pop up. The dev team has been working their socks off, tackling issues and updating elements of the game like a set of hyperactive mechanics. Remember when they fixed the Horizon troubles earlier this year? Well, it seems they’ve set their sights on an even bigger quarry this time around.

These significant enhancements are on the cards for Season 18, set to kick off this August. Expect to see the Ranked system experience a seismic shift, with reaching the top tiers once again becoming a Herculean feat. Those with their eyes on the prize better start fine-tuning their skills and studying up on the best characters in the game to prep for the looming battles.

Apex Legends is ready and waiting for action across multiple platforms, including Android, iOS, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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