Apex Legends Season 17 Offers a New Character

Apex Legends New Character
Apex Legends New Character
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Respawn has announced the latest addition to Apex Legends’ roster of playable characters ahead of Season 17’s launch on May 9. Fans had been eagerly awaiting news on a new character after none were added in Season 16, and while no visuals of the new Legend have been released yet, Respawn’s announcement has already generated excitement in the community.

Season 16 of Apex Legends was the first time a new Legend was not introduced, but it was still a successful period for Respawn. The game hit a new all-time peak player count on Steam shortly after the season’s launch, and the player base continued to grow in the following months. With consistent quality-of-life updates and other improvements, the addition of a new Legend for Season 17 is sure to excite fans for what’s to come in the battle royale game.

The new Legend is called August Brinkman, also known as Ballistic, who will be making their debut in Apex Legends’ upcoming season, Arsenal. Ballistic is described as a veteran from the Thunderdome Games era and will be an Assault class character. The announcement confirms rumours from March that Ballistic would be added to the game in Season 17. Not much is known about the character’s abilities or mechanics, but more details are expected to be revealed in the Season 17 launch trailer on April 26. The announcement was made in a new “Story from the Outlands” trailer.

New Trailer Dropped (Watch Now)

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Respawn is introducing several changes in addition to the new character in Season 17 of Apex Legends. The upcoming season will feature updated versions of the World’s Edge map and the Firing Range. Moreover, players will get access to a new “Weapon Mastery” feature, allowing them to complete challenges and earn rewards. While Respawn teased changes to the Ranked play mode, the exact nature of these changes is yet to be revealed.

In recent times, the company has undergone some significant changes, such as discontinuing the mobile version of its battle royale game and cancelling the unannounced single-player version for Apex Legends. However, Respawn’s emphasis on quality-of-life updates and improvements in recent months has been well-received by many fans. With the announcement of a new Legend for Season 17, it remains to be seen how this will impact the popularity of the game going forward.

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