More Final Fantasy 16 Coming with PC Version and DLC Plans


Final Fantasy 16 Primed for PC and DLC Expansion Content After Acclaimed Debut.


On the heels of Final Fantasy 16’s triumphant debut, Square Enix prepares to expand the epic saga of Clive and Valisthea with PC support and two hefty story expansions. Smashing records and strong sales have laid the foundations for FF16’s prosperous future. There was also a free update announced today and you can check out the trailer for that below.

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Launching as a PS5 exclusive, Final Fantasy 16 entranced critics and fans alike with its mature political themes, ferocious summon battles, and return to classic medieval fantasy trappings. The action-oriented combat also received acclaim for its white-knuckle boss encounters against primals like Titan and Garuda.

PC Port Brings FF16 to Massive New Audience


Buoyed by the enthusiastic reception, producer Naoki Yoshida now sets sights beyond PS5 with a PC port to harness even more interest. Though release details remain unconfirmed, optimising FF16 for countless rig configurations will occupy developers well into 2024. The latest installment has been such a success, that even ahead of release it received gold status.

But Yoshida also revealed plans for two major Final Fantasy 16 expansion packs in the works. Though standalone or integrated options remain unclear, these story-driven DLCs aim to satisfyingly extend the journey beyond the base campaign’s climactic finish.

Potential themes teased include Clive confronting the marine menace Leviathan, providing narrative closure regarding Cid’s hidden past, or exploring new realms of Valisthea ripe for political intrigue. Regardless, additional content seems a smart bet given FF16’s beloved characters and action-oriented combat.

While waiting patiently for expansions, PS5 owners can already enjoy new outfits for Clive and his steadfast allies via free DLC, plus weapon appearance customisation. The day one patch was great but these fan-pleasing extras will be sure to keep the adventures flowing.

Though a divisive deviation from turn-based roots, FF16’s incredible momentum proves risks still pay dividends for Square’s cherished franchise. Yoshida’s team has seemingly cracked the code in blending action satisfaction with role-playing depth.

Now two expansions and a PC launch look to build upon those deft creative choices. With Valisthea’s fate left intriguingly unresolved, Clive’s unfinished business beckons.

Final Fantasy 16 is available on PlayStation 5 with a PC version currently in development.

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