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New Video Provides Insight into Final Fantasy 16’s Action-Oriented Gameplay

Final Fantasy 16 Skill And Upgrade System
Final-Fantasy 16 Skill And Upgrade System
(Image Credit Square Enix)

Final Fantasy 16 has revealed a succinct demonstration of how Clive’s abilities can be unlocked and enhanced in the upcoming game. Fans of the series eagerly await the release of Final Fantasy 16 in just over a month’s time. With Square Enix generously showcasing how the game is played in various previews. This encompasses a plethora of features from the highly anticipated Eikon boss battles to a segment in the April State of Play conference. The exhibition of these gameplay elements provides a clear understanding of how Final Fantasy 16’s action-based gameplay compares to its predecessors.

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Many gamers have remarked on how Final Fantasy 16’s action gameplay strongly resembles that of the Devil May Cry franchise. Such observations are unsurprising to those familiar with the project’s overall history. Given that both games share the same combat director, the ex-Capcom employee Ryota Suzuki. Notably, Suzuki has worked on action-packed titles like Marvel vs. Capcom 2, Dragon’s Dogma, and more significantly, Devil May Cry 4 and 5. A recent teaser video for Final Fantasy 16 depicts an upgrade system akin to other action-based games, including DMC.

Skill Acquisition and Upgrade System in Final Fantasy 16

The video, released on Final Fantasy 16’s official Twitter account, highlights how Clive can acquire multiple abilities using a specialised skill set tailored to specific Eikons. For instance, the Phoenix can provide the “Heatwave” skill, which blasts an adversary with a wave of flames, consuming 120 ability points. Analogous to other games, the points will not be spent unless the player holds down the button to confirm the acquisition. These abilities can be further enhanced by investing more ability points into the move.

Augmenting abilities would undoubtedly make Final Fantasy 16’s action gameplay even more potent. As indicated by a direct comparison of two in-game clips displaying the power difference. If players dislike a specific attack or movement, they can unlearn it and have the ability points refunded. While offering a wide range of experimentation opportunities with the Eikons’ numerous moves. If players struggle to decide which skill to acquire, the game can buy and equip them automatically.

Testing Your Skills in Final Fantasy 16: The Hall of Virtue

Players who want to test their new abilities can do so in the “Hall of Virtue,” a location analogous to Devil May Cry 5’s practice mode, the Void. Here, players can experiment with new move combinations against virtual enemies that respawn, providing an opportunity to refine their combat skills before trying them out in the main game. The location comes with a set of UI components that highlight which buttons have been pressed and what moves the player has executed.

Final Fantasy 16’s highly anticipated release has been met with disappointment in Saudi Arabia, as the game has been banned by the country’s Public Authority for Audiovisual. While the reasons for the ban remain unclear, it is likely due to the game’s M-rating from the ESRB, which marks a departure from the franchise’s typical rating. As of the moment, Final Fantasy 16 is planned to be unveiled on June 22nd, 2023 and will initially be available as a timed exclusive on the PlayStation 5.

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