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Flip your previous expectations on their heads, RPG lovers! Turns out, there will be a Day One patch for the much-anticipated Final Fantasy 16, bucking a previous claim by the game’s development maestros. Now, don’t go tearing your hair out just yet; it appears this patch will be a more lightweight affair compared to other recent mammoth releases from the AAA games universe.

Final Fantasy 16 Day One Patch: A Sudden Announcement

Flashback to a sunny day in May, when the esteemed director Hiroshi Takai proudly proclaimed that Final Fantasy 16 would strut onto the gaming stage, free from the shackles of any pesky Day One patch. The game’s release build was in a state of perfection, he assured us, and the team were brimming with confidence.

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Furthermore, Takai and the game’s producer nodded sympathetically towards players who might not have easy access to the internet. These chaps understood only too well how gigantic Day One patches can gobble up data like a chocobo in a lettuce patch. In response to this concern, they assured us that should a patch be necessary, it would be a modest creature, not a terrifying data monster.

Fast forward to a special pre-launch stream for Final Fantasy 16, where the developers gathered round, controllers in hand, for a good old-fashioned playthrough of their brainchild. In between the bouts of enthusiastic button-mashing, they demonstrated the game’s active lore system, unleashed some tantalising cutscenes, and took us for a scenic stroll around town in the shoes of our protagonist, Clive. You can watch video of the action from the livestream below for your convenience.

New Gameplay Video From Livestream (Watch Now)

YouTube video

As they dove into topics beyond the boundaries of the game, the developers touched on the warm reception of the demo. And then, the real humdinger. With the hourglass dwindling down towards the end of the stream, the team casually lobbed a metaphorical hand grenade into the chat: there would indeed be a Day One patch for Final Fantasy 16.

Final Fantasy 16’s producer, the ever-vigilant Naoki Yoshida, has shared some critical intel about the newly announced Day One patch. Those fortunate souls who procure a physical copy of the game will have the patch ready and waiting, while the digital guardians will either have it woven into the pre-load period or downloaded before the metaphorical gates swing open.

Although Yoshida was keen to stress that the patch is of the ‘minor’ variety, and not exactly compulsory for gameplay, he did spill the beans on its contents during the stream. However, don’t be too surprised if this patch puffs up a little by the time the game hits the shelves.

Time to break down the Final Fantasy 16 Day One Update Patch Notes:

  1. Sorting out a pesky control flag issue that hinders progress in very particular scenarios.
  2. Patching up a glitch that can unexpectedly shut the game down under certain conditions.
  3. Sprucing up performance in a variety of places.
  4. Ironing out a few minor text blunders.

The Apology: Yoshida Addresses the Change in Plans

The news of this Day One patch had Yoshida and the team issuing apologies to the fans, in a rapid about-face from their previous assertion of a patch-free launch. However, they offered the soothing assurance that the patch isn’t mandatory and is simply a speedy repair job. Yoshida pledged that players who can’t or won’t download the patch in time due to internet constraints can still dive into the base game unimpeded.

For those lucky ducks who’ve already downloaded the digital version of Final Fantasy XVI, Yoshida promised the patch would be ready for action prior to the game’s official launch day. In the meantime while you’re waiting, you can download the playable demo that came out on June 12th.

In the grand tapestry of things, this update is no more than a tiny stitch. The bug fixes only kick into action under certain conditions, causing unforeseen game closures or progression hiccups. Given the team’s confidence, it’s probable that these triggers are unlikely to be set off unless the player steps way off the beaten track.

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Other modifications target performance enhancement and text tweaks. Unless a glaring issue demands attention, most FF 16 gamers are unlikely to notice these subtle adjustments. Earlier today we reported on the full trophy list being revealed and the FF news just keeps on coming.

Mark your calendars, RPG lovers. Final Fantasy 16’s grand entrance onto the PlayStation 5 stage is set for June 22nd.

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