Our Ratchet & Clank Q Force Review

Many of the younger generation would have been waiting for this game more than any other. The Ratchet & Clank series however does have a huge following from adult video gamers as well. So with the news that the games original format has been tampered with to add a new feel to it, some must have been worrying a little.

Not to worry as the new version of the game is as good as the old games but with a little revamped and much needed newer feel added to it. The game is called Q force in the UK and in the US it has been named Full Frontal Assault for reasons we do not know.

The classic gadgets that we are all use to in the series do in fact remain in the franchise much to people’s surprise. In this game the cool factor comes with defending your own base. Which every male gamer likes to do, and this is a big plus as to how this game works well.

The multiplayer mode is second to none and is filled with no end of hours upon hours of gaming time. The tools that you can use to defend your base involve things like building large walls. Placing mines in your final third of the base you are defending. Implementing turrets into your stronghold to fight off wave after wave of attacks from enemies players.

It’s all fun and games at the end of the day and the games lifespan really doesn’t disappoint as far as we’re concerned. There’s even the option to customise  your weapons so that they become even more effective.

As for gameplay and the single player mode, all in all there are three very different planets that you can go to. Which consists of five levels in the game to complete. The actual game takes roughly about five and a half hours in all to complete.

The score that we give to our Ratchet & Clank Q Force—Game Review
Rating: 7 out of 10 which is not bad going.

Ratchet & Clank

Ratchet & Clank Review

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