Crash Team Rumble Closed Beta Brings Thrilling Multiplayer Action

Crash Team Rumble
Crash Team Rumble
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The renowned bandicoot makes a comeback in Crash Team Rumble, a multiplayer game featuring competitive collecting and the franchise’s trademark charm. Toys for Bob, the developer, introduces an innovative 4v4 multiplayer brawler starring Crash and his eccentric companions, and it’s off to a promising start.

Games like Starcraft II and Bloodborne are known for their steep learning curves. However, Crash Team Rumble’s closed beta quickly eliminates such concerns with a concise tutorial that readies players of any skill level for its competitive modes.

In teams of four, players race to gather Wumpa fruits scattered across levels and hidden in boxes. While the game remains enjoyable even if players only focus on collecting, there is sufficient depth for those seeking to gather more or prevent others from doing so.

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In addition to Wumpa fruits, Relics can be collected and deposited to assist teammates and hinder the opposing team.

Numerous opportunities are available across the maps to trigger enhancements for teammates’ scoring potential, movement speed, and offensive prowess. One level in the beta showcased the evil Uka Uka mask spirit, which unleashed a devastating meteor shower across the level after teammates deposited a substantial number of relics. Such chaos often leads to enemy players dying and losing their collected Wumpa fruits.

Toys From Bob emphasises that this game is not a MOBA title but a strategic platformer. The closed beta allowed players to explore a few levels and five playable characters. Levelling up unlocks new characters, cosmetics, and abilities, with experience points easily earned whether the team wins or loses.

Although losses can be disheartening, matches are short and the excitement of the next game quickly erases the frustration of previous defeats. The game also features plenty of slapstick humour and catchy tunes that help dissipate any lingering frustration.

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Characters’ distinctive personalities are reflected in their roles and unique abilities. Crash excels as a Scorer with his agility and point collection skills, while his sister Coco is a Booster who can accelerate teammates with a blue hologram on a cooldown, similar to other abilities in Crash Team Rumble.

Blockers protect the team’s base from attacks or hinder enemies from scoring by disrupting opponents. Regardless of which role appeals most, each character is user-friendly and easy to control, making the 4v4 online multiplayer attractive even to newcomers to the Crash Bandicoot series.

Crash Team Rumble Release Date

The closed beta featured only three levels and five playable characters. However, the beta’s battle pass was brimming with customisation options from the long-running series, including music tracks from nearly every game.

It’s likely that Toys From Bob will reveal more characters, levels, and content before the game’s June 20th, 2023, release this summer. The hope is that Crash Team Rumble will provide enough gameplay variety and modes to maintain players’ interest in Wumpa Fruit collection for years to come.

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